Do you resort to a cry session as catharsis? Emotional teenage films could be the key to sustain your mental health.

Sad movies feature relationships beyond repair, sinking ships, and fathers who play the piano and are furtively slated to die. Bearing in mind such topics, there is something about a movie that prompts a good cry that people love.

If you are an adult and you think sad teenage movies skew too young to have an impact on your emotions, you are plain wrong. Like Disney movies for children, teenage films know how to lay on the emotional content, reported Ranker.

Have your tissues on hand. Here are our recommendations:

1. "Chemical Hearts" (2020)

"Chemical Hearts," features the "Riverdale" rising actress as a high school transfer student with an enigmatic secret. It was suggested that it will fall in line with the likes of "The Fault in Our Stars," "Paper Towns," "The Fault in Our Stars," and other John Green-adjacent adaptations.

However, Director Richard Tanne made the best efforts to deviate from worn teenage tropes by fleshing out the characters' interior lives, reported The Guam Daily Post.

2. "All the Bright Places" (2020)

This film is based on the international bestselling young adult fiction novel penned by Jennifer Niven. It tells the narrative of two high school students, Violet (played by Elle Fanning) and Theodore, who prefers to go by his last name, Finch (Justice Smith), who are suffering from mental illness set forth by past trauma.

The tender love story is basically about a pair of broken people who journey through the process of healing, reported Thrillist.

Violet tries to push Finch away at the beginning but Finch's determination for her to have a positive perspective and the healing power of love replenishes her. The burden of this emotional teenage film is that his own trauma and mental illness surface as well.

3. "Five Feet Apart" (2019)

"Five Feet Apart" casts another "Riverdale" actor, Cole Sprouse, and Haley Lu Richardson as a couple of cystic fibrosis patients who fall in love but should stay the titular amount of feet apart in order to sustain both of their health.

The advisory for CF patients is that they should remain a minimum of six feet apart between one another due to the probability of cross-infection. The title refers to the one foot the pair "take back" to be a little closer as their narrative develops. Will and Stella are not allowed to touch and much less kiss (as saliva exchange would be fatal since one of them has a severe bacterial infection).

4. A Walk to Remember (2002)

The narrative starts with rebellious teenager Landon Carter (played by Shane West) is imposed community service in order to compensate for past bad behavior that resulted in a severe injury to a classmate of his. His community service requires Landon to act in the school play and there he becomes acquainted with Jamie Sullivan (played by Mandy Moore), the local minister's daughter.

A spark inside of Landon is about to be ignited into flame. Christian woman Jamie is the one who blows on the said spark on this emotional teenage film.

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