Joe Biden commented and took the credit from Trump's efforts on the Israel-UAE Peace Deal, mentioning the joint effort with then president Obama.

The Democrat made these comments as news of the deal panned out with Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed who sent press brief that these middle eastern states will have normal working relations restored. But Biden's statement sought to lessen the impact of this significant development and historic step which sidelines the positive track of Trump's efforts, reported Fox News.

 According to the statement which cites the diplomatic headway which was part of Trump's entreat, Israel will stay at point. This meant the Jewish state will not declare sovereignty in the areas that was part of the White House for lessening the conflict in Arab states. Under it, all these enmities will be expanded ties in the Middle East, cited White House.

 Biden called the step as a link to the divisions plaguing the middle east. He cited the UAE recognition of Israel as a statesmanship needed to bridge the widened divide more than ever. 

Biden further added weight to Obama and his contribution by calling Israel a vital cog in the Middle East. He mentioned Israel and its strategic experience including it as an economic partner, should be considered an asset.

He then incepts that the peace deal of Arab and the Israeli state is a product of the several administrations to lessen the enmity existing in the current Middle East. It highlights the Obama-Biden administration as the prime motivator in the Arab Peace Initiative.

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Biden mentions when he was spending time with their leaders as they built up the ground work to reach this agreement. He expressed gratification at its success and said how American diplomacy can make a difference, especially with the back work he did.

He further talked about getting together and reaching goals that matter for the common good. He repeated the usual theme that the Arab states and Israel have a stake in reaching lasting peace in the Middle East, noted New York Times.

 Prattling on about the ill-effects of annexation that will be a detriment to reach a lasting peace, he said that if elected, it would be against his agendas. He also said that both Israel and Palestine need to be considered equal as states, calling the Israel as integral to region.

He added that the middle east should be synergistic and connected to point to a better future. He talked about building up what peace will mean for his presidential win and how it will contrast to Trump's.

 Envoys from the UAE and Israel will be coming together to sign agreements that will interweave their economies and industries to benefit everyone. 

Trump on Thursday said he talked with Israel and the UAE, and said both will start the process. He cited the UAE's move as a positive step for everyone.

 Even as Biden undermines the Israel-UAE Peace Deal, Trump called it the Abraham accord as it reflect the stake of everyone in its success.

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