In the recent sabre-rattling between the U.S. Navy ships and Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps fast boats are off great concern, but the answer to blunting Iran's hit and run tactic is Israeli Defense technology to protect U.S. vessels.

In the Gulf of Persia, Iran is using an array of tech to counter the bigger American dreadnaughts. Using fast gunboat to harass bigger and slower U.S. ships that made dealing with them tedious for the U.S. Navy.

Escalating the stakes in the region is the use of armed drones, ship to ship missiles, with other weapons pointed at U.S. ships. On one hand, the use of different methods to conduct warfare has made it hard to bear weapons on the faster and smaller ships. One school of thought is employing Israeli technology to even out the field in that theatre of combat.

One of these combat solutions is the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, it made the Iron Dome Missile Defense System and the Trophy Active Protection System used in Abrams MBT. According to Rafael, the use of airborne vehicles like drones can have a massive effect in the narrow straits of the Persian Gulf.

Iran's fast boats have caused problems to the U.S. and the U.K. in the past. Another is the use of 25 drones and cruise missiles to attack Saudi Arabia's Abqaiq oil facility in September 2019, illustrating the threat of swarms of drones.

Why the Iranian boats are a threat to US ships?

Small and fast boats of the Revolutionary Guard and small is not easy to detect since nothing has been designed for such targets. With the revelation of drones and anti-ship missile are small targets to get on the radar. Plus many ship-based defences have problems at extremely close ranges. Just add the small strait and bigger warships lose an advantage.

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Asymmetric Defense Solutions (ADS)

To negate such threats in close quarter combat, Rafael launched the multi-layered Asymmetric Defense Solutions (ADS) which it says offers a diverse mix of naval defense solutions. This system addresses the ability to detect, track, and negate all target in multiple ranges. With the ADS equipped ships can have an all-around defense in close and far ranges.

Examples of these are creating screens for ships to attack and destroy incoming ordinances that comes their way. The system is offensive and defensive too.

A combination of defensive and offensive weapons like the long-range guided SPIKE missiles, Drone Dome anti-drone technology and the loitering attack drone munitions known as FireFly. Another extra is a high energy laser that is microwave based to destroy confounding enemy munitions, radar systems and cellular antennas that can be used.

Rafael's Drone Dome is used to take out several drones with lasers too.

Ship defense systems like the Typhoon family of remotely operated machine guns with Toplite electro-optics have been used in countries such as Australia. Toplite is a device that detects and monitors all targets.

Israeli defense technology and weapon systems are multi-layered to handle specific targets with ADS and other systems to handle offense or defense.

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