A couple was killed by thier 16-year-old daughter and her boyfriend, after the pair twisted the story to save them from prison.

The couple, Henry and Chara Bryant were brutally killed in their Mount Vernon, Kentucky home during a second time meet-up with their daughter's boyfriend.

Both of the victims had their last night together on June 8, 2017 when they were shot to death by unknown assailants, reported Oxygen.

Their daughter called 911 call at 7:30 a.m. reporting that there was a disturbance in their residence. The door to her mother's and stepdad's bedroom was broken and opened by force. She said that when she checked the room and discovered that they were in the bathroom, already lifeless.

First responders came and secured Reynold's and siblings, Caitlin Whitt and Madison Bryant, who were taken to the police station. The investigators were looking over the crime scene and finding clues.

According to Kentucky State Police Detective Ryan Loudermilk, the crime scene was ghastly as there was blood everywhere, indicating that the victims fought back with handprints all over.

Investigators caught something odd. The glass was broken from inside out which is not what Reynold's claimed as a forced entry. When the three daughters were asked what happened, no one recalled gunshots or a fight.

Reynold's was the one who informed the detectives that they just came from Florida. She said that the corpses were there when she was about to walk the dogs. It was verified by her sisters.

The Detective dug up info that Reynold's parents were not happy with her boyfriend Christopher Evans, 22-years old that they disapproved of.

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She never said that her boyfriend was older than her. Her relationship caused a strain on her parents.

Detective Loudermilk added that she started seeing Evans since she was 15-years old.

The deceased checked their daughter's mobile phone that had details of their relationship. They discovered the lies about her boyfriend's age that caused concern.

Reynold's and her parents were at odds when they talked to her about her secret lover, and scolded her for seeing an older man. She was forced to split with her older boyfriend in early April 2017. But she disobeyed and still continued keeping in touch with Evans without her parent's knowledge.

Detectives spoke to Evans, and he claimed not knowing anything about it and was not seeing Reynolds.

He was caught lying later on when his claims were denied by the sibling of Reynold's in an interview. The police who took the accused home noticed a gun under his bed which he said is not being used.

The neighbor of Evans told the police that he was actually shooting the pistol, contrary to what he claimed.

A neighbor also told investigators that he spotted Evans practicing shooting a gun, which looked similar to the one Loudermilk saw under his bed, before the murders.

The investigators got a warrant on June 21, 2017 to search his home and he made excuses about his deceptions. But the police checked his mobile phone as evidence.

When the police secured evidence, Evan admitted to killing his girlfriend's parents. She told him that they were violent and meant bad so he had to protect her, WYMT. 

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