A deranged man shoots a woman and mortally wounds her while she's driving with their children inside the car in Sacramento County.

The shooter killed the victim while she was behind the wheel, which caused the automobile to dive partially into the Sacramento River.

Someone called 911 at exactly 9:30 p.m. on Monday. The caller reported that a car went into the river. Its location is in 8700 Block of River Road in Sacramento County. 

According to the law enforcement authorities, they arrested Mandiko Kwadzo, aged 27. The West Sacramento resident was charged with murder, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office, as mentioned in KCRA 3.

Investigators checked and found out that the shooter had a relationship with the victim. Apparently, they were having domestic problems in their relationship. Kwadzo is the father of their three children except for the other child, according to The Telegraph.

The witness identified as Harry Fischer said he was working on his boat when a loud crash occurred, which sounded like broken branches. He described that he saw taillights that were going to the river. Many people saw the car and immediately came forward to help the occupants.

Fischer and companion got out of the boats and heard screaming from the car. The car door on the backseat was flung open by both men.

He was alarmed when he saw the kids, and immediately began to start extricating children, who were visibly shocked in the back seat. The good Samaritan did not think twice and was only concerned of pulling the kids to safety.

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Fisher was able to get two children on his boat, but there were two more in the back seat. That's when one of the eldest children told him something that he was not expecting to know.

According to him, the oldest said that his mom was shot by someone. When he asked what the six-year-old meant, the child repeated that someone shot his mother. The older man said that the child was visibly shocked from the traumatic incident.

The woman's corpse was not moved until the fire personnel and California Highway Patrol officers arrived on the scene of the crime, according to ABC10.

The rescuer helped the officers and commented that she was dead when they got the corpse out of the car seat. He added that she was drenched in blood too.

Specialists found the gunshot on the upper torso, and tried hard to revive the victim via resuscitation. However their efforts were in vain as it was already too late, and the woman was pronounced dead on the scene.

Kwadzo was caught at the crime scene and police immediately took him in for questioning. Investigators are yet to determine why Kwadzo shot his domestic partner. During the said incident, only the woman died, but the shooter and the children were not harmed. 

Fischer, the children's rescuer, said that he does not want to see any go through such an ordeal. Fisher was thankful for the children's safety, and for his and his co-rescuer John's safety as well. 

The suspect was already identified and charged, but the police are still looking for leads on why this tragic incident happened.

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