A woman from Florida was reportedly banned from an American Airlines flight due to her mask being labeled as offensive by a flight attendant.

Arlinda Johns, who hails from South Florida, was on a journey to Illinois when she rode a plane donning a mask that indicated "F--- 12" and a T-shirt that stated "Black Lives Matter."

"F--k 12" is slang for "f--k the police" that has become widely known since the protests transpiring across the country since George Floyd's murder at the hands of the police on Memorial Day.

According to Johns, a flight attendant requested Johns to cover her mask which she promptly followed, reported "The Sun."

The protests held are against police violence and racism.

The passenger also said in a live video posted on Facebook, "Everything she asked me to do, I did," indicated Do You Remember.

Johns said to Florida's Local 10 news station, "I think I got taken off the plane because I'm black."

Despite her obedience, the plane came back to the gate, and prior to the take-off, Johns was then assisted off the aircraft, reported The Independent.

The 12 in 'f*** 12' is directed towards the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Narcotics Unit. However, it is regularly used broadly to allude to police officials.

The 12 reference's origin is not entirely clear but some people say it is rooted in the 1960s television police show, Adam 12.

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According to American Airlines in a statement regarding the "offensive" mask, their plane returned to the gate "after (Johns) refused to follow crew member instructions to remove or cover a face mask with offensive language."

"Although (Johns) initially complied, (she) later continued to display the inappropriate language. After arriving at the gate, the passenger was asked to deplane," they continued.

Johns is an activist who believes in defunding and eradicating the police.

When the flight attendant returned to the Florida woman's seat, Johns narrated, "She came back and stood over and said 'I'd better not see that other mask.' I said, 'Leave me alone, lady.' She stood there, she said, 'Okay, I got you.'"

Johns stated, "I am an abolitionist. I believe that we need to defund and abolish the police."

American Airlines has denied that the ban was regarding race.

According to the airline, they are looking into the event. However, they are refunding part of the Florida woman's ticket that she was not able to use.

Meanwhile, Johns stated that she has yet to hear from American Airlines other than a response to her tweet. The passenger has been in talks with a lawyer.

According to American Airlines Conditions of Carriage, it is indicated that "offensive clothing" cannot be tolerated. This includes the "offensive" mask.

Most people know the South Florida activist as Tray.

When the flight attendant rushed to the front of the plane, that was her cue to record the incident with her phone.

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