Letting children have fun is a top priority for parents. At home, they focus on developing their kids' talents and exploring different activities, including arts, cooking, and music.

Parents enjoy seeing their little ones creating various projects, whether it's just strokes of paint on paper or scraps of colored paper glued on cardboard. Studies show young children benefit from discovering art. Allowing them to use a wide variety of materials can make their experience fun while also building skills.

What are the benefits of art to young children?

Art helps young children to develop fine motor skills that are essential in preparing them for school. It also provides them with a great way to practice their hand-eye coordination, bilateral hand use, and training their grip.

Using crayons, markers, or pencils can help children develop eye-tracking by following the lines they write on paper. These skills will later help them read from left to write and form different letters, numbers, and shapes.

Additionally, art helps develop children's language skills whenever they ask questions about colors, patterns, and shapes.

What makes a great art project?

Kids would greatly benefit from art activities that are both fun and open-ended. The project should also be easy to do. It is also advisable that the activities are something kids can do over and over again.

Here are the three best art activities your child can do to develop their creativity, curiosity, and talent.

Raised Salt Painting

Raised salt painting is one of the easiest art activities that kids of all ages love to do. The activity uses materials that are readily available or are extremely easy to acquire.


Cardboard or Board Paper

A bottle of glue

Table Salt

Liquid Watercolors



Using glue, draw a design or a picture onto your art surface.

Once done, sprinkle table salt until the glue is covered. Tip your cardboard or board paper to let the excess salt fall away.

Using your paintbrush, gently touch the salt-covered lines with paint and watch the magic happen.

Let the artwork dry thoroughly for about a day or two.

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Easy Stained Glass with Tissue Paper

Stained glass is perhaps one of the most beautiful things to look at when displayed on a window. Children who like seeing different colors will surely fall in love with this project.


Colored tissue paper


Wax Paper

Brown Construction Paper



Cut the construction paper to form the frame of the stained glass.

Cut the tissue paper in different shapes.

Put glue on the edges of the wax paper and stick on the frame. Trim off any excess tips.

Apply glue across the middle of the "glass" and stick on colored tissue paper.

Apply glue over the second piece of wax paper and cover the entire frame.

Blow Painting

If there is one thing many kids like, it's straws. Blow painting uses straw as one of its most important materials. This art project is extremely versatile. Your kids can put hair on monsters, on human figures, and it can even be used to create beautiful dresses on doll drawings.


Large sheets of paper

Watered down paint or liquid watercolors

One container for each color of paint

A spoon for each color of paint



Place a sheet of paper onto a tray that has raised sides to prevent it from moving around.

Cut straws in half to have an easier time with blowing the paint and closer to the paper, and if you have especially young kids, you can cut a hole halfway through the straw to prevent your little one from sucking up paint.

Prepare your watercolors in a small container along with the spoons.

Using the spoons, add droplets of watercolor to the large sheet of paper.

With the straw, blow the paint in any direction you want to spread them out.

Keep doing the previous two steps with as many colors as you want to create your masterpiece.

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