Toddlers can be quite picky with their food as they grow and develop new favorite dishes. Parents and babysitters suffer increasingly tricky challenges in figuring out what to cook to provide healthy, yummy kid-friendly recipes that young children would eat.

On the bright side, there is a wide variety of options to choose from that offers healthy and delicious recipes that will surely pique your young one's taste buds. We've listed the top uniquely appetizing dishes that you can cook for your toddlers.

Home-made Chicken Nuggets

These sizzling nuggets provide a healthy version of the fast-food variety by using fresh and nutritious ingredients in the mix. If you find yourself having little time to prepare food, you could also serve up double or triple the usual amount which you can freeze for later use.

A recipe by Eric Huffstetler of Spruce Eats uses chicken breast as its main ingredient, which is a rich source of lean protein. The nutrients aid children in maintaining a healthy metabolism. This dish is also an excellent source of phosphorus that supports the growth of teeth and bones.

Paleo Air Fried Chicken Tenders

Using less oil than on kiddy meals is a hearty way to go, and this recipe uses a minimal amount thanks to cooking via air frying. Chicken is an excellent ingredient that aids in sustaining our muscles and is vital to improve strength.

Young children are usually very active and sometimes prone to bouts of stress and panic. This recipe provides tryptophan and vitamin B5, both of which help to reduce stress, not to mention chicken being full of magnesium that relieves PMS symptoms.

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Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Being famous as a child favorite, fries made of sweet potato contain fiber and a wide variety of vitamins that will fill your children with the nutrients they need. It also supports the fight against vitamin A deficiency which threatens to increase the body's susceptibility to infectious diseases if left untreated.

The Cookie and Kate's sweet potato fries recipe guarantees to become your picky-eating toddler's new favorite snack. These fries are the perfect baked alternative that perfectly blends several different flavors and tones into one crunchy delicacy.

Ground Turkey Bolognese

An Italian contender comes with this deliciously delicate Ground Turkey Bolognese that provides a source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6, and several other nutrients. Turkey meat is an excellent ingredient with its anti-cancer properties and absolutely delicious as well.

Pasta is also a great source of energy that children, especially those who are very active, sorely need. This type of food provides energy at a slow and sustained pace, making sure your child has enough strength to last the whole day.

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Something easy to prepare and doesn't take up a lot of space could be well-needed when preparing food for a child. This lightly flavored but delicious Mixed Berry Smoothie comes packed with fresh and frozen berries.

This drink contains multiple vitamins and minerals that aid children as they grow. Blueberries, one of the ingredients, are one of the most nutritious berries that are filled with fiber, vitamin C, K and other vital sources of health benefits and are a great addition to your list of healthy, yummy recipes for kids.

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