An ex-adult film actress was sentenced to ten years in prison after she tried to get her ex-lover killed by a hitman.

The former adult film star used to be active in the adult film industry for five years. She's well-known by her screen name 'Lynn Pleasant.' Recently, she got a ten-year sentence for plotting to kill the biological father of one of her child, according to Oxygen.

Apparently, the former adult film star was not a happy with her ex which prompted her to get a killer for hire. But all did not go according to plans, which led to her getting caught and sentenced. Based on a report from New York Post, it was not mentioned who the object of the hit was.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

According to the records, she is Katrina Danforth, age 32 and a permanent resident of Idaho. She was involved with the adult film industry and acted in hardcore films under the name Lynn Pleasant and Lynn Passion as her stage name.

Her sentencing was done in Coeur d'Alene federal courtroom on a Tuesday afternoon, after she admitted guilty pleas on August of last year.

The charges that she admitted guilty to was seeking for a professional killer to kill a former lover, who fathered one of her children.

After the sentencing, the Spokesman-Review reported that Katrina Danforth got a decade of incarceration, with a probation of no less than three years, with a fine of $1,000 as a criminal fee.

It was never known why Danforth was led to this abrupt course of action. But in 2018, she went out and looked for someone to do the hit on the ex whom she had a dispute with.

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A friend provided for the contact she neeedd to knock off her ex, but little did she knew that it was an undercover police officer in Montana.

She went on the rendezvous to meet with the alleged killer for hire who in fact was undercover. They met in October in 2018, and sources say that she wanted some specifics like how to put the victim's body when the job was done. She explicitly added that as long as her child is safe, the killer can do as he pleases with other people in the house.

It was noted that her concern was for her child and the others were collateral damage, based on the sources.

Prosecutors added that as a part of his fee, the ex-adult actress sent the contract killer a 'Thank you' card for $2,500 that was sent from Idaho to Montana as half of the payment. The agreed fee for knocking off her ex-lover was $5,000, as mentioned to the prosecutors.

On December 2018, the ex-adult film actress was apprehended in the Spokane International Airport in Washington, after talking with the undercover cop. Her ex-lover was not harmed.

During the arraignment, the defense said the ex-adult film actress had issues like an unstable childhood. She also allegedly experienced sexual abuse at a young age, which may have explained why she entered the adult film industry.

According to her attorney, while waiting for her sentence in court, Danforth was training in the paralegal field.

Katrina Danforth, aka Lynn Pleasant or Lynn Passion, was active between 2005 to 2010, with eight adult films made.

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