This is a continuation of the report in 1057News of the couple who are guilty of starvation and abuse. The pair imprisoned a 15-year old boy in a small room, abused a 10-year old who escaped, and killed an 11-year old girl by feeding her bread and water, then keeping her death a secret. But things get much worse.

According to WATE News, the abuse got worse when a warrant was obtained by police to search the house of the Tennessee couple in their residence in Knox County. The search lead to a grisly find of the remains of an 11-year girl, whom they adopted and abused till she died in misery at their Roane County residence.

During a search and inspection done by the police, they found another gruesome remains of a boy, which the couple hid from the authorities. The boy is Jonathan Gray, a natural-born child of the couple.

The police were at the house located at 6000 block of Cedarbreeze Road to conduct a thorough inspection of the place where Michael Gray Sr, Shirley Gray and Michael Gray Jr used to stay until their transfer to Roane County and live in Knox three to four years back.

Suspects are identified as Gray Sr. and Shirley Gray who are now facing several counts of child abuse, with child neglect when their foster daughter died from their horrific abuse, making a grave for her in the backyard in Roane county, including locking their 15-year old son in a decrepit basement room.

Their neighbors at their former Knox County residence told the police that the two dug a hole, then manhandled a heavy object from the shed which looked like a cage, that may have looked suspicious.

BDTOnline said the remains were dug up by the police who think it belongs to another killed foster child that was recovered via a warrant. The investigator stated that the Jonathan Gray was under Gray's care, whose estimated death was between 2015 or 2016.

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One of the adopted kid's talk about the hellish Gray's

The foster boy told the police that he was imprisoned at the house in Knox County, given little food and with no running water. He said his parents did the same thing to his brother, after he got sick and was gone from the house, reported by CrimeOnline.

When Gray Jr, who owned the Knox County home learned about the crime, he was surprised by the child abuse and neglect that led to the children's death and getting into hidden graves in Knox and Roane Counties. He added that the Tennessee couple informed that they were removed by the Department of Children Services in the warrant.

When interrogated, Gray Sr informed investigators that he had no idea of the children's grisly demise, adding that he thought they went to another foster family.

Gray Jr said his parents paid to stay in the Knox residence with the foster kids. All payments were online until the transfer to Roane County.

Authorities doubt Michael Gray Jr that he knew of the child abuse. He was even collecting tax returns in the past. The couple's abuse caused the death of two children, but the still case continues.

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