Amid an animal cruelty scandal which has led to three people losing their jobs, activists are working to save 4,000 goats in a farm where workers were filmed abusing the animals.

Surge, an animal-rights group is encouraging the owners of the farm which is currently at the center of the scandal to accept their help in switching from goats to farming plants.

This is after the owner of Far Marsh Farm stated that it may have to close down its business after footage of some workers abusing the farm animals went out. He also stated that many have already pulled out from getting their supplies from them causing them to lose business.

According to BBC, the video revealed workers from the said farm, hitting, slamming down, dragging goats by the ear. The said acts have led to some goats being crippled and grappling to get back on their feet.

Surge also stated that it already has found sanctuaries for 42 goats from the farm which are secured and safe. However, since there are approximately 4,000 goats on the farm, they are appealing to people who could give the other goats homes and help in the rescue of the animals.

In addition, they have also called on supporters to call St. Helen's to hand over the goats. Surge is also currently working with a company which can help the dairy farmers convert their land into sanctuaries and switch to producing plant milk.

After the incident, three out of the 10 staff from the farm have been sacked for gross misconduct. Moreover, a fourth employee was given a final warning.

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UK's Biggest Goat Milk Brand Affected by Scandal

Meanwhile, UK's biggest goat-milk brand, St. Helen's has found itself affected by the incident since the Far Marsh Farm is one of its biggest goat milk suppliers before the scandal broke out, Independent reported.

Major supermarkets and Marks and Spencer have already stated that they will be pulled out products from St. Helen's from sale after seeing the footage. The said products included milk, cheese, and butter.

Soon after the supermarkets pulled out their product from the market, S. Helen's posted on its website that their products are now out of stock. The message also indicated that while the investigation is ongoing their products will not be available while thanking their consumers for their patience amid the distressing issue.

Moreover, St. Helen's emphasized that they have already cut their connections with the farm in question and that they have already launched an investigation on the standards of its supply farms.

Meanwhile, Yorkshire Dairy Goats founder Angus Wielkopolski expressed his disgust over the video and stated that they have no idea that such a thing has been going on. He also said that had they known they would have acted immediately.

At the moment, there is still an ongoing investigation on the goat farm scandal.

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