A man from Minnesota is facing charges of murder for the death of his mother. Authorities alleged that the suspect brutally beat and stabbed the city councilwoman inside their shared home on Thursday.

Brutal beating

According to Crime Online, 62-year-old Rose Johnson, a councilwoman for the city of Big Lake in Minnesota, was reportedly found dead inside her home. Johnson lived with her husband and her son, 20-year-old Eric Jordahl.

Jordahl's father called a 911 dispatcher on Thursday to state that he came home only to find his wife dead and his son admitting that he killed her.

The criminal complaint writes that Jordahl said he went inside his mother's bedroom in the middle of the night where Johnson told him to go back to bed and sleep. However, instead of adhering to his mother, Jordahl proceeded to brutally beat Johnson, went to grab a knife, and stabbed her repeatedly, causing her death.

Authorities reported they found Johnson's dead body with severe facial trauma in a lower-level bedroom. Police officers revealed that medical examiners who autopsied the corpse required dental records to identify the victim as Johnson accurately.

Police officers who responded to the scene reportedly found Jordahl drenched in blood. A news outlet reported that authorities discovered a knife that was left on the kitchen table.

Medical autopsies revealed that Johnson suffered sharp and blunt force trauma from the assault to her head and body. Local authorities ruled the council woman's death as a homicide.

Officials have charged Jordahl with second-degree murder with intent and not premeditated along with second-degree murder without intent while committing another felony. The felony the son was charged with was second-degree assault.

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Court records showed that the judge set Jordahl's bail at $1.5 million without conditions or at $1 million with conditions.

The suspect has been scheduled to make an initial court appearance on August 11. Jordahl's attorney did not give an immediate response for comments on Monday, as reported by Michigan's Thumb.

Johnson was appointed as a councilwoman for Big Lake in January 2019 when a vacant seat was left open. The official was set to run her term until the November 6 General Election, after which a vote will decide the remaining two-year term for the position.

Similar incident

A similar tragedy occurred recently when 911 dispatchers were having a call with a woman and heard her scream which prompted police officers to respond to the scene where a dead body was found in a home in Chula Vista.

The woman reportedly had multiple stab wounds and her son was taken into custody for alleged connection to her death, said police.

According to NBC San Diego, the victim was identified to be Gloria San Miguel, 56 years old, who called 911 at around 7:00 p.m.

Officers who responded to the scene stated that they were met by a man covered in blood while standing in the driveway of the residence and holding a framed picture. Before the arrest, the man fled from the officers who tried to contact him.

The suspect, 28-year-old Glen Hammitt, became increasingly violent while he was being detained and hit an officer on the forehead with the frame in his hands. Police reported that while being arrested, Hammitt said "she's dead" as he referred to his mother.

An investigation revealed that Hammitt suffered from frequent mental issues. The suspect admitted to the crime and was charged with homicide and felony assault on a police officer and placed in San Diego County Jail.

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