A New Jersey man was apprehended by law enforcement authorities for carrying a suitcase stuffed with the body parts of a female victim.

The corpse was found at the intersection of Kensington and Allegheny avenues around 9:50 a.m. Soon enough, the abandoned case became the source of concern and anxiety for the local citizens in the area. They were dubious about the contents of the case, so they called in police.

The police were summoned to the scene to investigate the suspicious case, according to Philly Voice.

The invetigators opened the black suit case to check what was inside. They were horrified to discover the contorted corpse of a white female forcibly stuffed inside.

The age of the victim is not known, but the investigators were sure it was foul play due to the bizarre position the victim was found in. The police are calling it a murder and looking for the woman's killer.

Killer is caught and the victim identified

Philadelphia police has charged and accused a man from Burlington County, for allegedly killing and stuffing the white female corpse into the carrying case it was found in.

Without a doubt, the police are sure that the suspect was connected to the death of the now determined to be a young woman. Investigators have dug up that she has children or a just a single child, according to 6ABC.

The murderer was identified as Aaron Mosher of Brown Mills, who will be facing several charges like criminal conspiracy, evidence tampersing, and abusing a corpse and blocking justice, according to the police cited in the Bulletin Mail.

Initial report: Details of the corpse squished in the carrying case

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Initially, the corpse of 25-year-old Christina Gribbin, who lives in Chester County, was contorted to fit the black carrying case. Police confirm the discovery of the carrying case on June 11. The black suitcase was discoveref on the sidewalk that was under the SEPTA's raised Market Frankford line.

In the investigation of the death of Gribbin and other instances, there aren't too many leads to go by. The police are still gathering evidence and leads to make arrests. Another problem is determining the victim's cause of death, a task that won't be tol easy for the medical coroner.

Lack of the needed information is preventing the investigators to get a clear picture of how the murder occurred or why it happened. 

Christina Gribbin's obituary

The Labs funeral home posted an obituary notice for the deceased. It said that West Chester is her birthplace, graduated from the Twin Valley High School. She took up and studied LPN nursing, with creative hobbies she took up before her untimely death, that was writing, poetry, and horseback riding. She has two sons who survive her.

Last July 10, the last rites her eternal memory was in Honey Brook.

As of the recent arrest, there have been no new details why Aaron Mosher killed the victim.

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