The Jennifer Dulos murder and her body will eventually be found after her husband killed her, and hid the evidence.

One of the hitches in the case is that the body was not found by the authorities. Despite these setbacks, there is still optimism that the corpse will be located soon, reported Oxygen.

In an interview by NBC's Dateline,Connecticut state police Sgt. Kenneth Ventresca said that further work in looking for clues to find the remains of the murdered woman may lead to its discovery.

Based on the reports, the Connecticut mom disappeared without a trace in May 2019. There was fierce divorce custody with Fotis Dulos, her estranged husband, to get their five children. In January, Fotis passed away when he committed suicide in a garage he owned. He was accused of killing and kidnapping Jennifer, who was thought to be dead, cited ABC News.

Chief State's Attorney Richard Colangelo stated that based on the evidence found by investigators, there was a defined struggle, mentioned The Sun. Found were bloodied zip ties which we slashed that might be the victim's own blood. These zip ties were needed to stop the victim from struggling against Dulos in the garage where they were found.

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What the investigators discovered were about four zip ties dumped in trash containers by Fotis himself. These were contained when an arrest warrant was served by the officers. Some evidence points to him and ex-girlfriend Michelle Troconis who are trying to take away the evidence. They were actively throwing off investigators by scattering evidence in Hartford. Included in charges are Troconis and Kent Douglas Mawhinney as his accomplices.

The arrest warrant accuses that the murder was planned as he stalked his estranged wife. According to the warrant, the assault happened in her garage as pointed out by Ventresca.

The lawyer added that a blood spatter was detected in the garage, which proves she was struck hard, and hurt badly during a physical assault.

During the investigation, the police had detected the zip-ties and signs of a scuffle that happened in the garage. But what needs to be answered is how Jennifer died, and what caused the blood to spatter. 

Also, Colangelo said that the wife's corpse might be hidden in any of her husband's properties.

He stressed that the properties owned by Fotis are several, mentioning that these properties were not yet scoured or searched yet by authorities.

One home where the estranged couple stayed had its septic tank drained a month ago, according to Stamford Advocate. During the search for clues of the remains, cadaver dogs and the police did not find anything relevant that may trace to the body of Jennifer.

Later, those who helped the husband cover up the crime were encouraged to help solve the Jennifer Dulos murder.

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