At a British safari park, a group of Baboons were seen armed with knives and a chainsaw roaming around the premises and terrorizing citizens, causing panic and fear to ensue.

The violent primates are known to vandalize vehicles that come across Knowsley Safari Park located in Merseyside and tear the windscreen wipers and mirrors off of the cars, as reported by The New York Post.

Dangerous primates

Recently, however, witnesses state the animals were seen equipped with several different weapons including blades, screwdrivers, and a chainsaw. Some workers believe that the dangerous items were given to the creatures by visitors who wanted to see a little thrill.

One employee of the safari park told reporters that they are unsure if the baboons were given the weapons by visitors who wanted to see the animals rough up vehicles or if they acquired the items from pickup trucks and vans.

The worker noted that the baboons would steal from people's toolboxes and carry their stolen goods around and said one of the animals was seed lugging around a dangerous chainsaw.

Officials of the safari park denied the reports saying that armed primates were the stuff of urban myths and legends.

The park officials told reporters that they believe the stories have grown out of proportion after witnesses retold the stories in an attempt to make the sight more exciting and unbelievable.

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The enclosure the monkeys inhabit is famous among mechanics in the northwest area of England and is a sizable region of the 550-acre park that is also home to lions, tigers, and a plethora of other beautiful animals.

Good money for repairs

In an interview, one mechanic said that people who drive into the park know what is going to happen when they enter the enclosures. The worker revealed there was a previous customer who was victimized by the baboons.

The mechanic shared he had a friend who owned a garage located in St. Helens who had a similar experience where children inside the cars would start making noise and being frantic to get the monkeys' attention to get them to pounce all over the vehicle.

The ensuing chaos causes the families to drive away, sometimes without the license plate that they came in with. The mechanic noted it was a good source of income after the parents drove away from the park.

According to The Sun UK, amid the coronavirus pandemic and multiple establishments remaining closed, the Knowsley Safari Park reopened its gates on June 15. It implemented COVID-19 safety measures and protocols and said it was as safe as the global company McDonald's and its drive-through where customers do not need to get out of their cars and can stay away from potentially contaminated surfaces, creatures, or people.

The baboons within the park were previously used by Hyundai in 2012 to test its New Generation i30 model where the animals let loose unto the vehicle for ten hours. The experiment aimed to show the car's strength to protect its passengers that the company stated was perfect for families with small children.

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