Two Louisiana teens who were charged with the murder of an Arizona professor never revealed where they dumped the body of their victim. However, it was soon found in a landfill.

According to reports, the professor was missing for four months. The authorities conducted a 48-day search which lead them to the victim's body inside a landfill.

The missing professor

On March 25, Junseok Chae got a missing persons' report when he failed to get back home. He worked at the Arizona State University. After his unforeseen disappearance, his car was found in Louisiana, reported MEAWW.

While Javian Ezell and Gabrielle Austin were driving Chae's car, they were stopped by authorities on March 30. Police noted that one unidentified individual was inside the car, which is the reason why they were stopped. Both Ezell and Austin were accused and charged with the killing of Chae's. When interviewed, the police took note of their words and concluded that the victim was slain by them. A search began for the victim's corpse in the landfill way back in May 11.

The murder of Chae by the teens and the subsequent search costed the authorities a lot of money, with 15 people a day to search the landfill. It took a lot of time before the remains were discovered and located at the Northwest Regional Landfill. The remains were recognized as the murdered professor's body. But, the investigators were puzzled why he was killed or how he was slain by the two murderous teens, mentioned Fox10Phoenix.

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Particulars of the Junseok Chae murder

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, they received a call from Shreveport, Louisiana police last March 30. Soon after, the police got a suspicious all-points bulletin (APB) about a car. Later, the car was discovered as owned by the murder victim, with the suspects and another person inside it. Upon interrogation of Ezell and Austin, they concluded foul play was involved. Another is that the police were sure that Chae had been slain in the Maricopa County.

Investigators got evidence that led to substantial leads in the case. These leads revealed that Chae was killed on Carefree Highway and Seventh Street, another is that ABC15 News said that more leads point to hiding the corpse in a dumpster.

It took a long time for the police to connect the related evidence from May 11 to work out the probable place where the victim's corpse was disposed.

Overall, the search that lasted for 48-days amounted to $304,000, according to the sheriff's office. The Arizona Central added that 15-people did a 10-hour search per day. Sheriff Penzone added that he was impressed by the efforts of everyone involved in the search, and all the hard work, confirmed AZCentral.

He added that the perseverance in solving the case by those involved has allowed closure for the family of the victim. They praised their efforts in locating the corpse in a landfill which was the hardest part of the case, citing that not all searches are gifted with success.

The two Louisiana teens were charged with first degree murder, robbery with a weapon, and stealing a car with a bail of $1 million each.

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