Recently, Kayleigh McEnany slams Hollywood for canceling 'Cops' and 'Live PD' in an attempt to wipe out cop shows. The White House press secretary expressed her disappointment in the cancellation of these cop-themed shows.

During a press conference on Friday, McEnany pointed out the growing liberalism of Hollywood that was felt when shows like Live PD and Cops were pulled off the air. She stressed in the press brief that US President Donald Trump seeks an end to the violent riots rocking parts of America.

"He's very keen on seeing the violence in our streets end. He wants to protect the people of this country when derelict Democrat mayors and governors do not. He's also appalled by cancel culture and cancel culture specifically as it pertains to cops," says McEnany, as quoted on Meaww.

McEnany added that all the violence threatening law-abiding citizens must end. She also addressed the cancel culture that repels Trump and the law enforcement officers who are merely doing their jobs. Cancel culture wrongly brands shows like Cops and Live PD, and even Lego's City Police Station is deemed unfit as a toy, so it's not sold according to Newsweek.

Furthermore, McEnany stressed that 63% of Americans disagrees for the call to defund police. The police force maintains law and order in the US, and many law-abiding citizens do not agree with the idea of defunding them.

This June, Cops got canceled by the Viacom CBS-owned Paramount Network, even if the show has been a success for the last three decades. A&E followed suit and ended Live PD, one show that has gotten consistently good ratings about real-time investigations in America. Even Nickelodeon's show Paw Patrol, a cartoon show, was targeted by forces against any portray of law enforcement.

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Hollywood and anti-cop attitudes

Regrettably, Hollywood is now following the misguided liberalism of the defund movement. Many celebrities have taken to support the mistaken agenda, including John Legend, Lizzo, Natalie Portman, and Susan Sarandon who were cajoled or misled to promote the slashing of police budgets all over America.

Breitbart had a story that celebs have been drawn in by the Breathe Act, this part of left-leaning organizations intent on defunding the police. They want the money to go to community projects instead.

In spite of this, some Hollywood actors are appealing to studios about this. Michael B. Jordan of Black Panther fame is collaborating with racial justice activist group Color of Change according to USA Today.

He made a speech at an organization espousing anti-police measures. Jordan said that all the connections to the brands, even to the whole system of film making, should cut ties to the police and reassess the business.

The actor suggested that private security is a better option for studios that are getting services from law enforcement.

'Insecure' fame Kendrick Sampson remarked to Variety that he got struck by a rubber bullet in a Los Angeles protest. He claimed after getting brutalized by police and other acts during a heated protest, he experienced trauma. 

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