There's a wrinkle the solidarity of George Floyd protests in the Seattle Autonomous Zone since the black organizers have no confidence in white protestors who are with them.

In Seattle's self-proclaimed autonomous zone, it is not exactly unified as color protestors are not fully convinced that their Caucasian or white brothers in arms are not 100% in synch with the BLM cause. The scenes of the six blocks are festival-like, with selfies snapped amidst the turmoil and glorifying murals of those purportedly killed in police hands, reported by Fox News.

Tracy Stewart, an African-American mental health therapist told US Today, that someone is dead and why should it be the case for people to express on the street, most are not even sure why they are protesting in the first place.

She added that whites should be consistent and stay, not leave when the party ends because all the marching and protesting, is part of the process, and bailing out is not an option. Next up is supporting the next part of the process, which will involve the mayor and until the White House.

One of the difficulties of the Seattle Police Department to settle the occupation is the disorganized structure of the protestors who is the lynch-pin of the uncontrollable mob of looters and rioters that has occupied six blocks illegally. One of their most ambitious attempts is to change the name from Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) to Capitol Hill Organized (or Occupied) Protest (CHOP), confirmed in the Wall Street Journal.

Maurice Cola said in a Saturday video interview that was posted on Twitter surmised what most of the protestors might have in mind. Explaining that the mention of 'autonomy' in CHAZ or CHOP does not mean the six-blocks help by looters, and rioters want to stop being a part of the US.

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Last Friday countless protestors were moving from the CHAZ or CHOP to about 3 miles from the 6-block enclave. Their target was Madison Park Beach as a way to bring in the better off white community that has ignored their actions.

The marchers screamed to the residents to get into the streets and join their protests that has brought destruction to property. Another silent march was on the way from Judkins Park to Jefferson Park which was a far cry from the CHAZ enclave.

Jason Beverly one of the protest organizers said that BLM and act do not just speak. According to him, the affluent white people should step up for the BLM cause. Taking affirmative actions to help donate to African-American communities, but he added no response has been registered yet, mentioned in Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

He extorted that action is needed and decide to stand up for morals if nothing else.

Beverly explained that the police are against black and colored people. The white people should step in and start changes for their African-Americans compatriots and other nationals of colors who are just as oppressed.

He also mentioned other black people who were killed allegedly by the police.

Nikkita Oliver, Seattle Peoples Party leader, spoke in March demanding to defund the Seattle Police Department by 50 percent, more for other community-based organizations, and let the looting and rioting protestors be pardoned for their untoward action. The Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, joined them, last Friday.

It seems that black organizers are not 100% with White protestors as their sentiments are ignored by affluent whites.

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