NYPD cops are fed up with protestors, and how they are treated. So on July 4, many policemen who have pledged their service will call in sick on Independence Day.

Reports circulated that disgruntled law enforcement officers will take a leave on July 4 Independence Day so that protesters can have a 'cop-free' day. According to Daily Mail, most feel animosity as protesters fight back efforts to return to law and order.

NYC to have 'cop-free' day on July 4th

One of these messages said NYPD cops will strike on the 4th to give NYC the independence it wants from cops. Since the George Floyd protests, the NYPD was under attack for allegedly attacking protestors who were rioting and looting.

They have accused policemen of police brutality after ex-officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd in Minneapolis. Other issues against police are systemic racism as well.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced measures to prevent incident like this. As an example, a database will be used to track officers with a record of using excessive force and another police reform. Other serious demands are the defunding of police, as mentioned in the New York Times.

One of the reasons for the cops' walkout on the 4th of July is that New Yorkers are not honoring them. The Taylor Law prevents cops from striking, said one of the messages. But this will not stop some cops who will attend the strike at 3 pm on July 4.

One of the messages sent around is the #BluFlu, which is about cops calling in sick to work.

Policemen take oaths to protect the citizens as part of their jobs, but protestors who turned to looting and rioting are running around scot-free. Policemen are now vilified and decided to stand together as well.

To make sure the protest works, messages with instructions were given how to go about, logging in sick leaves. If anyone is held up by #BluFlu, asking for a bus and leaving their post was instructed.

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Cops are reaching 'breaking point' amid protests

Whether or not the messages were authored by the NYPD cops are yet to be determined. Patrick Lynch, an NYPD officer, confirmed that the police are fed up and are reaching their breaking point.

Patrick Lynch said that over the few weeks that they were attacked by rioting protesters. They caused chaos, but the media depicts the cops negatively, and politicians have joined the George Floyd bandwagon against them, according to New York Post.

He added that after that he and other cops are treated worse when going to work than looters and rioters in the protests that destroyed property and lives. The NYPD is now reprimanded for their violent responses to control the wild crowd.

According to CNBC, one officer named Vincent D'Andraia was accused of attacking a female protester who initiated an attack in Brooklyn during the last week of Mau. During the protests, an NYPD cruiser slammed into a bunch of rioting and out-of-control protestors to clear the way.

All the vilification does not account for the 350 injured officers who sought to keep the peace as looters and rioters went out of control, even committing theft.

Not all NYPD cops will strike in July, and some will stay on the job. It won't be 'cop-free' totally, but law enforcement is still needed especially amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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