The senseless killing of three friends who went into a Florida fishing trip, finally lead to their killers.

The Polk County Sheriff's said those arrested for the murders are Robert Wiggins, 21, Tony 'TJ' Wiggins, 26, and Mary Whittemore, 27. Finer details of the gruesome slaying are under investigation.

 According to the previous coverage by Crime Online, the lives of three friends who are Damion Tillman, 23, Keven Springfield, 30, and Brandon Rollins, 27, ended abruptly when they tried assisted Tillman. All three were shot several times and brutally beaten by one or several assailants at 10 p.m. last Friday night. The victims were attacked in a hidden fishing spot at a Florida Lake, located in Polk County.

One of the deceased, Rollins was able to call his dad for help. But the call was too late and Rollins expired when the medics came to assist them. 

One version of the string of events was that on Friday when the suspected killers saw Tillman in a dollar store that evening. Sheriff Grady Judd said that one of the perps Tony Wiggins stood in line when he noticed Tillman there too, cited Rev.

The Sheriff explained that Wiggins was the one who had the gun. Wiggins, before gunning down the three victims, had as many as 200 felonies credited to him. At age 12, he was already a criminal that spanned until the latest crime.

Judd added that the suspect was free on a bond by the time ofthe  lakekillings. He broke a man's arm with a crowbar. 

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The suspect is alleged to have heard that Tillman said that he was going fishing nearby. He then with his accomplices went to the place whereTillmanw would be at the lake on US98 that would be the Florida fishing trip massacre. 

To get to the spot,  a clay road is needed to access it, said Judd. That's a place where cows are set topasture,. 

The fishing spot

At Lake Streety, the victim's trucks were parked side by side. Windows were open so they can talk to each other, Tillman was alone and the two were riding the other truck. It was this time that assailants arrived, and saw the other trucks, noted Yahoo.

 Wiggin's told Judd, may have gone out of his conveyance and walked over to the trucks and looked-for Springfield.

When the suspect saw Springfield, he dashed with a gun in hand and asked where his truck was.

He then accuses that Keven did sell the engine of his truck, told the Sheriff.

 Spring said he did not know anything about the truck or the engine. Wiggins shot Springfield and Rollins with nine rounds. Revealed Judd.

NowDamian, he fires on him as the truckopens, everal times.

After the murders, the suspects went straight to a McDonald's and ordered food. Like nothing happened.

The sheriff later said that the accomplices did not help Wiggins, nor to stop him. Mentioning that they covered up for him too.

 Wiggin's had three instances of murder in the first degree, owning a gun and other charges in the Florida fishing trip massacre. The accomplices were charged as well, mention the New York Times.

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