If you're looking to capture a beautiful moment, but you don't have the necessary skills to pull-off an award-winning photograph, then your next best option is to glam up your image using modern-day photo-editing applications to show off the beauty you saw.

Most people take pictures these days using their mobile phone cameras. Over the years, advancements in technology have allowed the use of higher and higher quality cameras that capture perfect photos.

There is still room for improvement, though, which is where photo-editing apps for Android and iOS come into play and are ever so significant and making your photo shine above the rest.

In that regard, we've listed down some of the best and simplest applications to use when styling up your images.


This photo-editing app came available for both iOS and Android and was created by Google. It features an expansive array of choices of tools to adjust the exposure and color.

Snapseed also has filter options if that's what you're looking for including vintage or modern style and HDR upgrade. It is capable of putting several different edits or changes at once, making for a highly-customizable experience.


VSCO is also considered to be the advanced version of Instagram with its capabilities and excellent editing options that make your photo come alive.

This app features a wide range of editing capabilities such as exposure, contrast, and temperature adjustments as well as giving you access to an alignment tool.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has been a famous brand for photo-editing for a long time, and that fact hasn't changed on mobile. This app is one of the leading products in delivering beauty and simplicity in one small package.

The mobile version of Adobe packs just as much punch as the original computer version but puts everything in the palm of your hands. With basic crop and adjustment tools to smart filters, you'll definitely find what you're looking for with Adobe's masterpiece.

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Offering a massive selection of editing tools, PicsArt rivals the other photo-editing apps on this list and handles its own quite well. Featuring basic tools including exposure and contrast that are staple in any image-editing, it also comes with color grading and emotional filters.

Experiment with transforming your face into different forms with a plethora of options for adjusting the tone and shape of selfies.


If you're looking for a unique kind of photo-editing experience, then look no further than Prisma which offers the capability to transform your photos into unrecognizable images.

The app's filters and tools were inspired by different artists, including Salvador Dali as well as Picasso, to bring an artistic essence into the mix.

To make sure that your photos are the best they can be, some editing tools are much more suited to a few images that perfectly bring out the desired looks.


If you have a lot of pictures that you'd simply want to take away the background of, then Photofox is your best friend that offers this nifty feature with its array of editing options.

It also allows you to blend in what background you want to replace the one you removed for or even apply some fantastic effects to bring life into your photograph.

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