North Korea is currently facing embarrassment after the sister of the supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, publicized that she was given a special permission to witness the US Independence Day celebrations from July 4 via DVD.

According to Daily Express, the country has since then been implementing strict rules regarding anyone special caught viewing, listening, or reading contents provided by outside the country based media outlets. Those caught will be at risk to be sent to concentration camps where maltreatment is inescapable and situations are brutal.

Kim Yo-jong, an increasingly eminent adviser of the dictator, claimed to have received special consent from her brother to view the celebrations. On Friday, a statement from the supreme leader’s sister was publicized on a state-run Korean Central News Agency, saying to pour cold water on circulating rumors about Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump having a meeting ahead of the November US presidential elections.

But Kim articulated she has received special consent from the supreme leader by the time she requested to watch the US Independence Day celebrations through DVD. She also stated that from now on she will try to personally procure DVDs on the events of the US Independence Day celebrations and that the Chairman, referring to Kim Jong-un, has given her approval regarding the said matter.

 Kim, who was expected to become the successor of Kim Jong-un during the leader’s unexplained absence from the eyes of the public, claimed she did not want to put in writing a disdainful letter to the US.

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In her statement, Kim uttered that it is not the country’s thing to harm the US, adding that even Kim Jong-un has made this matter clear with US President Donald Trump. Despite the apparent pleasant tone to the US and President Trump, Kim made it clear that North Korea has no intention of partaking in face-to-face with the officials of Washington this year.

As stated by Kim, unless there is a crucial change in the stance of US towards North Korea, it would not be necessary for both countries to meet since both have different opinion. Reportedly, the sister of the North Korean leader stated in her personal view that another summit is unlikely to happen between the two leaders, but added that surprising events may still happen.

Last year, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un assembled in a historic meeting, which Trump and his allies proclaimed as the start of denuclearization and sanction relief. With the present regular carrying out of weapon tests by North Korea, the talks between the two super power nations have fallen apart.

Pyongyang has acted in accordance with the requests to hold back from performing nuclear weapon and intercontinental ballistic missile tests. But last month, after an inter-Korean liaison office that is situated in the border city of Kaesong has been attacked, risked tensions escalated.

Despite the cold relationship between the two super power nations, there is still a slim possibility that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump could come together in an assembly.

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