After Britain's announcement of unilateral restrictions that it has imposed against the Hermit Kingdom for the first time ever, North Korea retaliated and warned the British government that there is a price to pay for doing so.

Under the new global regulations on human rights, the British government stated that two North Korean organizations that received the sanctions are both involved in torture, forced labor, and murder inside prison camps in the country.

According to Dominic Raab, Britain's Foreign Secretary, the sanctions that we announced were directed to 49 organizations and individuals who were accused of abuses against human rights on the 6th of July. He also added that the latest sanctions regime will be focused on people who are responsible for the worst violations against human rights globally, Daily Mail reported.

The two North Korean organizations that were named by the British government for the said violations against human rights were the Ministry of People's Security Correctional Bureau and the Ministry of State Bureau 7.

Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg, North Korean state media KCNA reported that a spokesperson from the North's foreign ministry called the move by Britain as a political plot to jump into the US's ill-disposed policy bandwagon against the rogue nation. He further added that the state rejects the move of the UK to impose such sanctions on the organizations which are responsible for the security in their country. He also emphasized that the actions of the UK are strongly condemned and are considered as violent interference on the nation's domestic affairs.

The imposed sanctions will enable British ministers to impose travel bans and even freeze assets of several officials of the state and also some non-state actors.

Aside from North Korea, the other organizations and individuals that were sanctioned included those coming from Russia, Myanmar, and Saudi Arabia.

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North Korea's relationship with the US

Meanwhile, the United States has also failed to find a compromise with the Hermit Kingdom regarding the nuclear weapons program of North Korea and the international sanctions that were imposed on Pyongyang.

Based on recent reports, North Korean leader Kom Jong-un's sister Kim Yo Jong released a statement which reiterated and stressed the objections of the regime to what she referred to as self-serving policies of the US.

Moreover, Kim Yo Jong added that any talks between the two nations at this point will only be beneficial for the US. However, she noted that Pyongyang has no intention of threatening Washington. She also said that she believes that any summit between US President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un may not happen this year.

On the other hand, Mike Pompeo, US's Secretary of State stated that he is very hopeful that the talks between the US and the North will soon resume. He also left the possibility of another summit involving Trump and Kim Jong-un happening soon open.

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