One of the biggest questions is whether Kim Jong Un will ever decide to let go of North Korea's nukes, and lift the embargo against his country. But he's pondering over that in a luxurious missile test Palace. 

Most of the time, when he is not at the countries capital in Pyongyang, he will be at the seaside haven of Wonsan. Whenever missile testing the Wonsan seaside resort would be his main residence. Its exact location is on the eastern part of the Korean Peninsula. When missile testing is done, Wonsan is where the North Korea Leader will be watching the missiles launch.

According to Reuters in a report dated 2017, it was meant to be a resort from the start. About three missiles were launched in 2019, but from 2017, there were 40 missiles launched from the coastal city, reported Express UK.

According to Lim Eul-chul, a North Korean economy expert said that it will be insane to launch missiles at an area which is getting developed for economic gain. He added that nothing can be done because it is what he wants to rule North Korea, reported Financial Press.

One of the inspirations that Kim Jong Un got to develop the place for future tourism are Spanish resorts. Specifically, those in Benidorm is the inspiration he wanted to develop.

Sometime in 2017, sixteen North Korean officials were sent by the leader to Spain for ideas to be used in Wonsan.

One of the places visited was the Marina d'Or which is one of the largest resorts. Another is the Terra Mitica (Mythical Land) theme park in Benidorm.

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The meaning of Terra Mitica refers to 'extreme sensations' that was advertised on its website.

A spokesman of the North Korean embassy located in Madrid said that the entourage saw the lavish resorts and took footage of it. 

Visits were confirmed by the parks and a spokewoman from Terra Mitica remarked that the North Koreans were very impressed with its themes.

In 2014, Kim Jong Un took his top military officials to Wonsan and experience the place.

State TV show the Korean leader and his top officials at the palace compound with him. He ordered the group to go swimming in the bay.

Kim was at a desk on the sand with a big white umbrella covering him as he was filmed by a crew.

Reuters noted that it was when a test was getting conducted and an artillery drill was about to start. This was billed as the biggest firing drill held in North Korea.

Fired were 300 large-caliber self-propelled guns that targeted a small island about 3km away.

So far nuclear talks are at a standstill with several months left in the Trump administration.

But last week the North Korean vice foreign minister Choe Son Hui said to the US nothing will change nor will he be letting go of nuclear weapons too.

The 2019 Hanoi Summit in Vietnam looked promising and Kim might reconsider, said the Korea Herald.

He even said that he was in the summit and might be willing to get to an agreement with the US. It almost came to a joint signing but nothing happened, cited Nestia.

The tests continue but the talks may not fall through, though Wonsan is one of his favorite places.

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