One British grandmother pulled a scheme to earn money from welfare by pretending serious blindness. She was able to pull it off undetected and collect the benefits, which even her husband was not aware of. He did learn of the wife malfeasance but only when she was caught by the law, reported in New York Post.

The felon is Christina Pomfrey, 65, who got more than $16,000 per month. To get that much in benefits, she was faking a blinding malady and multiple sclerosis. 

Husband finds out she scammed!

 When a police officer went to their home and showed the husband evidence of his wife's illegal activities, he was asked to look at a copy of his wife's driver's license which surprised him. 

 He could not believe that she ran a scam without him knowing about it. But before everything sank in, the officer had to show the finer details of what was getting pointed out.

It struck him when the officer mentioned his wife was blind, which erased his initial reaction. He's been married for 15 years to her and never thought that she could do such a thing. 

Scam is busted

 In court, Pomfrey answered a guilty plea for charges of fraud against her. Immediately she got three to eight-year sentences for defrauding the government.

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According to Judge Sophie McKone, the defendant defrauded the government of £1 million that included the taxpayer's money as well. She added that all money that was taken and spent should be given to those who needed it most, stressing on schools and hospitals that need sources of support for their operation, mentioned Webs Favourites.

Scamming gran since 2002

She has been defrauding the government since 2002 and was not detected until three years back. One the Britain's Department for Work and Pensions were already doubtful where the money went,  so they tagged and surveillied her.She is supposed to be blind and having sclerosi. But there were evidencetcollected that negated that. One tim, they captured the suspect getting grandkids and reading a paper.

Her husband said that he never knew of her deceit, and what she did. All he said is that he was in the dark all the time. He added that she has ruined everything and cannot forgive her.  She is the craftiest woman according to him, confirmed Report Door.

More action is needed to protect taxpayers that include identifyING valid recipients and claims that are not legit. Those who need support during the pandemic will benefit the most and feel less impact on lockdowns.

Claims were sped up and done online not face to face, with trust that all data given would be true and accurat, reports  Daily Mail.

There are instances that claims were given as advanced payouts, even when the application is done on the same day. More fraud was detected as more entities were taking advantage of relief packages given to citizens.

The case of Christina Pomfrey is just one of the many who defrauded the government that will be avoided with better systems.

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