It is official with the confirmation of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio that there would be a $1B cut from the yearly budget of the New York Police Department (NYPD) effective anytime soon.

The $1B cut comes on the heels of the George Floyd protests recently, that was responsible for city-wide damages caused by rioters and looters who ran wild. Protesters demanded the police be defunded, while stores were ransacked and destroyed, according to Politico.

George Floyd supporters and city council members who wanted a large part of the NYPD budgets slashed have gotten their wish. They believe that police are not well equipped to handle day to day criminality, instead it will be better to talk down criminals.

On Sunday, the mayor's office approved the demand by the city council. He was not initially inclined, but de Blasio eventually gave in to the council, with proposal to save $1B over a period of time.

A press brief given by De Blasio claimed that the plan can handle real reform, with real redistribution. In spite of the budget slash, he informed reporters that they will work hard to strive security, safety, and peacekeeping in New York.

Many school safety agents will be wearing police uniforms, but not real policemen because the real police recruits will be cancelled, as the safety agents will be part of the department of education. Many homeless outreach programs will be veered from police control too, as reported in the BL.

The proposed city budget is expected to get approval by Tuesday midnight. De Blasio did not expound on the details which part of the budget would be slashed, though he added it will have a shift for safety agents. 

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With the $1B defund to the NYPD's operating funds, the $500 million will be diverted for other use. The money will be used for youth recreation centers as well as public housing according to De Blasio.

The mayor had his reservations how the plan could work, without trained law enforcers, but he made sure that the safety patrols would be as good as trained police units that it will replace. He also stressed on the school safety and how it can handle law and order as well, without police on the job. 

Anthonine Pierre, a spokesperson for Communities United for Police Reform, is opposed to adding more police. He retaliated at the mayor saying he does not want to defund the police, stressing that his move will have disastrous consequences, as mentioned in Yahoo news.

NYC's total expected budget is $87B, less from the proposed $95.3B last January. Costs to contain the pandemic was $7.4B in taxes.

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