A man from Virginia was arrested on July 8 after he bludgeons his wife with a hammer and smothered her 5-month-old daughter at their home.

Illegitimate child

In a statement released by the Sheriff's Office on July 9, the 60-year-old murderer was arrested in his home in New Kent County.

On July 7, the police responded to a call and went to the home of Dennis Chambers in Gloucester. That was when they found his 24-year-old wife who was injured and they also found the baby dead.

The court documents were obtained by WAVY, and it showed that Chambers confessed to hitting his wife in the head with a hammer three times and that he used a cotton cloth to smother the 5-year-old baby.

According to the neighbors and relatives of the couple, Chambers' wife was having extramarital affairs and that he just recently learned that the baby is not his.

According to WAVY, the couple then began having more verbal arguments. Wayne Jenkins, the couple's neighbor, told WAVY that he saw running the suspect on July 7 running from the front door of his house all the way to the back. He said that Chambers and his wife had disagreements but it was never physical.

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A relative told the news outlet that Chamber's wife is on a ventilator and is now fighting for her life. WTKR cited authorities and reported that she is in a critical but stable condition.

Chambers, on the other hand, was charged with malicious wounding and second-degree murder. He is now in jail without bond.

Other incidents

In 2019, a husband was found guilty of murdering his wife out of jealousy after he found out she was having an affair.

John Wallace Edwards was arrested for the death of his wife, Sharon Edwards who went missing in March 2015. Edwards, from Grafton in New South Wales, killed his wife after she began an affair with Billy Mills, a football coach.

After Sharon went missing, he fronted the media and he appealed for the safe return of his wife. He claimed he did not know where she was. John pleaded not guilty to murdering Sharon. During the trial, their son, Josh Edwards, said that his father beat his mother the day that she disappeared.

According to the documents obtained by The DailyMail, John told his son that Sharon hit her head after he threw her onto the floor. In the same year, a jealous husband in Australia killed his nephew after he found out that he is having an affair with his wife.

The murderer shot his 23-year-old nephew seven times. He hit him through his brain, eye, and heart. The nephew's body was found at the entrance of the house that he was staying in. He still had his car keys in his hand, according to news.com,au.

The 51-year-old murderer was sentenced to 32 years in jail. Three hours before he shot his nephew, he sent his wife several text messages, including "God will punish you" as reported by The Sun. He also sent messages directed at his nephew, telling him that he trusted him with his wife and children.

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