According to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, face masks should be worn at all times as the country gets back to work.

The Prime Minister was wearing a mask on Thursday and said he would enforce mask-wearing guidelines for indoors spaces, reported Stuff.

Government sources verify that masks are the protection for COVID and enclosed spaces as the most effective way to prevent viral infection.

Why the emphasis on wearing a mask is all about advice to workers and why mask-wearing in crucial.

Recently, there was a focus on remote work but it is time to return to the workplaces to jumpstart the economy

Everyone must work if they can but people visiting shops and other outdoor facilities should follow guidelines strictly, cited Telegraph.

Last Tuesday, Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, said that £30 billion (NZ$57.71b) will be disbursed to warn people to wear mask when visiting a pub and doing the usual activities they do before the lockdowns.

Boris Johnson's moves are aimed at returning life to normalcy before the pandemic and kick start the economy, mentioned UK Day to Day.

Wearing a £2 face mask when visiting local businesses in Uxbridge was done after some criticism to set the example for the public.

He added that wearing facemasks will be mandatory to prevent more infections of COVID-19, especially in enclosed areas.

They are looking for ways to ensure that the public will follow wearing face coverings in shops that are enclosed, with increased chances of getting infected.

In Scotland, Science has proven that wearing masks will lessen any infection by far. Wearing them is mandatory and effective to reduce COVID infection.

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Knowing that the COVID-19 can be spread in the air is proof that wearing a mask is smart in all public places.

Public health is important and measures to enforce mask-wearing in a shop or any enclosed place are important. 

Even with the reduction of lockdown measures and the economy getting opened with mostly inactive town centers, most people are working at home.

The lack of commerce is threatening to shut down businesses because of no consumer activity. But firms have told their work staff that it will be a return to the office next year, Financial Times.

Boris Johnson is concerned that working from the home is not helping. The alternative is to return to work and start to regain a normal day to day life.

Matt Hancock says that people should have an option to choose to work from home. The government has an option to legislate it as a legal right.

Hancock added that working at home is a new normal which an employer must consider as standard working options.

When asked if it will be made into a law, he said yes, mentioning a study to delve into the benefits of remote working.

Another aspect of remote working is the benefit for women in the long run. One concern is how productive it is when working from home, and its effect on the individual.

Johnson stated that cases are low but they should remain vigilant to prevent horrific upticks again.

Wearing face masks in enclosed places is a start for now in getting everything back to normal.

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