Two Georgia men and one woman were arrested by Georgia authorities for the alleged rape and filming the attack of a 15-year-old girl that was later posted on Snapchat.

Charges against the three offenders, Aaliyah Elize Garrison, 17 years old, Miguel Angel Holloway Boulai, 18 years old, and Demauri Steven Gumbs, 20 years old, were confirmed.

Boulai and Gumbs have been charged by the Newman Police with single counts of sexual exploitation and rape. While Garrison has been charged with a single count of child sexual exploitation.

As stated by the Newnan Times-Herald, the alleged sexual abuse of the 15-year-old happened in late May.

Authorities gain knowledge of the incident, which unfolded inside a shopping center in Newman after the victim revealed the incident to her mother, who later informed and contacted the authority.

According to the reports of the papers, the authorities allege the 15-year-old girl was lured by Garrison to the Ashley Park shopping center. There, they presumably came together with Boulai and Gumbs.

Reportedly, the authorities said the victim was given an alcoholic drink, and she was presumedly raped by twice by both offenders.

One of the claimed assaults took place in an office building and the other in a parked car.

The sexual assaults of the victim were assumed to be filmed by Garrison and shared the unlawful video with another Snapchat user.

Last week, all three suspects of sexual assault and exploitation were taken into prison.

Garrison was out of reach for comments on the rape incident and cases charged against her, Boulai and Gumbs.

Boulai and Gumbs were being held without bond at the Coweta County Jail, and it was uncertain if they had an attorney with them who could defend them against the allegations charged to them, People reported.

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Snapchat used by sexual predators

Meanwhile, according to Daily Mail, another sexual assault case was shared on Snapchat by a man who allegedly filmed himself while having sex with a passed out drunk woman and later posted the recording.

The 21-year-old man, refused to admit the rape case charged against him on Friday after he was presumably sent out the video on the messaging app.

The man was charged for breach of the privacy act for making the recording and distributing the forbidden video of the woman, who is also 21 years old, who was acquainted with him.

On Monday, Ben Michelle, police prosecutor, told Brisbane Magistrates Court that the charges were very serious since the victim was raped by the offender while she was out of her consciousness due to intoxication and has been recorded.  He added that the defendant admitted filming the incident but refused to admit the rape allegation.

The bail application of the defendant was opposed by Mr. Michelle, stating the case was strong and the accused was about to face jail time, but the magistrate refused to agree and allowed the man out of custody before his next appearance in court.

Magistrate Noel Nunan said as he allowed to release the man that beforehand there was consensual sex and that both the defendant and the victim were drunk, adding that it has had some distribution on Snapchat.

The bail conditions of the defendant include not getting on to the five witnesses, whose age range is between 19 and 21.

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