A woman who claimed to be a rape victim of Ghislaine Maxwell, who attacked her dozens of times since she was 14 years old, is willing to testify and take stand against the ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein.

In an interview, Jane Doe, who wanted to protect her identity, uttered that she was first sexually abused by Maxwell in 1991 which happened in Florida.

On Thursday, Maxwell was taken into custody on federal charges for facilitating and being involved in sexual assault with minors.

According to Doe she has been sexually abused by Maxwell for more than 20 or 30 times, and uttered that Maxwell is just as evil as Jeffrey Epstein, while naming Maxwell a rapist.

Jane Doe professed years of sexual abuse only ended when Jeffrey Epstein impregnated her. She had her abortion when she was 16 years old, Fox News reported.

Moreover, Doe, who took part of a lawsuit filed against the Epstein's estate over a year ago, said she had never been with any other guy except for Epstein, adding that having to kill her child at a very young age really affected her and her entire family.

Suspecting that she had talked with her grandmother regarding the abortion of Epstein's child, and frightened by the thought that she would speak to authorities, Doe stated that Epstein, Maxwell and others gang-raped her for the last time as her punishment. She uttered that Ghislaine was a part of the incident and that she was drugged.

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According to The Wrap, after the gang rape, Doe said that has been driven by a driver with a gun to her place, telling that she was dumped off naked in her grandparents' yard and was forewarned that she'd never come back alive the next time.

Due to fear brought by the incident, Doe uttered that she had been kept by her grandfather. She stopped attending high school, and said that she basically disappeared. As stated by Doe, Ms. Maxwell was one of those who sexually abused her, adding that Maxwell made it very clear to her not to tell anyone or harm would come to her family and herself, and she was really harmed.

Jane Doe grew up in Florida under her grandparents' guidance. She was recruited by a friend in 1991 and was brought into contact with Epstein and Maxwell, who promised to help and support her with her modeling career. She has been picked up by Maxwell from her grandparents' house and even from her school. She has received a pager and Maxwell has taken her shopping and even purchased her purses from Louis Vuitton. But Doe did not expect those days would turn to sexual abuse.

Doe explained how Maxwell would penetrate her using her fingers and toys at the time she was a child and a virgin.

As Doe explained how she was molested as a child, she said she was told by Maxwell that Epstein was getting upset because every time he would use her, she kept on bleeding, and that Maxwell was only helping so that she won't feel hurt, stating that Maxwell told her that having sex should be satisfying.

According to Doe, most of the time, she was being used by Epstein without Maxwell's presence but uttered that Maxwell was the one who taught her what to do to give satisfaction to the convicted pedophile.

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