In North Korea, Kim Jong Un's sister 'Kim Yo Jong', is called the 'Twister Sister'. In recent days, she has been dubbed as the 'Terminator' because her demeanor these days has been exceedingly fierce, according to New York Post.

Recent events like the demolition of the border office earned her the title 'Terminator'. Kim Yo Jong was even reported calling south Koreans and defectors 'mongrels' over leaflets that have displeased her.

Negotiations between two Koreas stalled

She decided to blow the joint liaison office for both North and South Korea to smithereens, after leaflets from North Korean activists and 'mongrel defectors' spread from South Korea.

By demolishing the border office, the act shut down the negotiations between the two nations. It also drew attention to the US, who is an ally of North Korea.

She also stoked the flames even more by criticizing the South Korean leader. Kim's sister called the speech by South's leader, Moon Jae-in as sickening to the ears. She also threatened to use military action. This could be independent action that might not be approved by the supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

With all the attention Kim Yo Jong is getting, many watchers are intent to know what her intentions are. In News, the American founding co-chair of Free North Korea Radio Suzanne Scholte described Kim's sister as cold, ruthless, and haughty.

Sources say that the aggressiveness is part of the bid to hold power and not show weakness. In the line of succession, she has stood up and filled in when something happens to her brother. With no other kin in line, Kim Yo Jong will inherit the power and become the supreme leader.

She was not anything significant in the past, as she mostly acts as her brother's assistant. Despite this, she still showed decisiveness that was proven by the demolition. In Pyongyang, that makes her almost all-powerful in a fortnight.

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Kim Yo Jong may be acting alone

One retired US Army Special Forces colonel and North Korea expert, David Maxwell, revealed that Kim Yo Jong acts as the second in command in North Korea. She must have been allowed to act this way. She's allowed to take action even though options are available for Kim Jong Un, according to Knowledia.

Sean King, an Asian specialist at Park Strategies claimed that her gender is not important and she's proven to be a force not to be reckoned with in North Korea.

He adds that it is not men who control the North Korean black markets but women, as patriarchy is not always practiced. One major factor is the mystical Mount Paektu bloodline.

She studied at Swiss schools like her brother, living in a lux and high-security compound in Pyongyang.

She stays there with her husband, Choe Song. Rumors have it that she has a 5-year-old, but this is yet to be confirmed. Kim Jong Un has a place in the capital but prefers his Wonsan resort.

She attended the 2018 winter Olympic in South Korea and most of the relevant summits like the Hanoi Summit in 2019.

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