The Terminator Princess 'Kim Yo Jong' will have North Korea in her sights as another round of provocations That will climax with the use of 'nuclear weapons' on the US.

Just recently, the North Korean embassy in Russia has made threats of using nuclear weapons against America. The threat was called sensational, to say the least, according to TASS, reported by New York Post.

According to TASS, that is the mouthpiece for the Kremlin that alleged the report was sent to them as a statement just this weekend. TASS is the official Russian news service too.

This year the US armed forces have been doing various military exercises with South Koreans. They noted the vicinity to North Korea and possibly a quick strike into North Korean territory if needed.

The statement continues with claims of another round of Korean War that will be a historical event that could be the end of another empire, the United States. These were the contents of the press statement sent from the North Korean embassy.

Only the TASS has gotten hold of the release statement, so far but other agencies have not. The release of the statement is before the 70th anniversary of the Korean War.

The Korean War started on June 25, 1950, when Chinese and Soviet-supported armies from the North, poured into South Korea starting the war. Soon after, the US went in deep and waged war for the South against communism.

In recent days, the Hermit Kingdom has been very loud in going after the south, and with their news agency, they gave the threat to drown South Korean in the deluge of leaflets as large as a mountain.

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An extension of the tout, the leaflets will be released to denounce South Koreans and defectors, mention in Daily Star.

North Korea is intent on giving the south a taste of its own medicine as Kim Yo Jong is tired of their antics. That is the continuous stream of propaganda that she has requested to be stopped, but with no compliance yet.

Leaflets that has exceedingly displeased Kim Yo Jong to no end is the common method by defectors from North Korea, who in the Terminator Princess term are considered mongrel dogs. The South Korean military propaganda materials were stopped since.

Sometimes, these defectors will get more creative and send some goodies, not just leaflets. Sometimes there we would be food, dollars, miniature radios with USBs that have South Korean news and of course dramas.

The influx of information from the south is what the Princess Terminator is against, especially those against her brother's policies.

Kim Yo Jong steps up and shocks the South at her rise in power.

In a shocking move, the Princess Terminator becomes the supreme leader, giving the order to destroy the liaison office in the Kaesong border. The world witnessed the rise of another North Korean leader, that is a woman with a loud boom, cited in New York times.

Till it's destruction, said South Korean office has been functional for two years.

Kim Yo Jong called South Korea as the adversary when she declared the absolute destruction of the office. The destruction is seen all over the world and negotiations were cut as well.

Kim Yo Jong the 'Terminator Princess' seemingly declares to the whole word that she has the blessing to do what comes next.

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