After the PLA Navy exercises near the Paracel Islands soon after, the Chinese said they can repel the US Navy. The two-carrier group arrived after the Chinese were done doing naval exercises. US Navy officials declare the SCS is free and is not under Chinese sovereignty as the claim.

The timing of extra US exercises when the US Navy did several already was not unnoticed by Beijing's propaganda. Immediately, there were pronouncements that the US Navy will be defeated, reported CNN.

Rallying under the moniker 'The Carrier Strike Force' with the USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan involved in a set of tactical carrier exercises with emphasis on the repulsion of enemy attacks. One other aspect of these exercises is to extend ranges of pinpoint strikes from carrier-based attack aircraft, said the US Navy.

 A statement by Lt. Cmdr. Sean Brophy, on the Ronald Reagan said that then two carriers were in the South China Sea in 2014 for two carrier exercises.

 According to the US Navy stressing their efforts to sail, fly, and conduct operations are indicative of its support of a free SCS with emphasis on actions based on international law.

 When the US forces were showing naval firepower on the Fourth of July as the China's People Liberation Army Navy was closing five days of naval exercises. The Chinese navy was near the purloined Xisha islands or Paracel Islands.

 China was secretive about its exercises in the Paracel drills where there might be missile batteries that figure in these exercises, reported Global Times.

Chinese justifies naval exercise after the appearance of US carrier strike group

On Friday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry defended the sea drill were in claimed Chinese waters on the PLA website. Most of the claimed areas in the SCS and the fortified island have been assailed as illegal and accusations against the communists are many.

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Despite saying not to build up arms in the SCS to target US carriers specifically, the Communist Party of China did not follow on its vow to the US in 2015. In 2020, the SCS is a powder keg because China desires to dominate.

 China mocks the US Navy because it feels threatened

 According to the Global Times, the two-carrier strike group were just 'paper tigers' and China can repel them. It boasted in a tweet that the PLA has the DF-21D and DF-26 as ship killers that can kill these US carriers, cited Tele Sur. 

In response, the US Navy said the USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan are in the SCS international waters. Adding that the US Navy is not afraid said a tweet from the US Navy commander.

 Showing China who's boss

 China's actions in the SCS have worsened tensions which have made the US Navy and Air Force teach China that international law is not a trifle.

 US Naval ships have been conducting FONOPs close to Chinese claimed areas in the South China Sea. They're even making it clear by sending Air Force bombers and joint operations with Asian allies. Each of these exercises was mostly unopposed with the Chinese belching complaints. Part of the exercises are included with B-52.

 The problem with China that there is no 100% sea, or air superiority as the US Navy has all these aspects to push back the PLA Navy. China is the source of instability due to its claim nor does it respect any agreements.

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