Planned exercises by the PLA Navy has prompted a warning to American ships to steer away from the Paracel Islands, with four days of exercises. Just after the US Navy sent two carriers in the Philippine Sea and other governments deplore China's purloining of the Spratlys and Paracels illegally, reported Breaking Defense.

According to the US government, there is no indication of what forces will be deployed in the Paracel Islands from July 1 to 5. Beijing has threatened the two-carrier group indirectly, but not allowing any ships near the Paracel. They even added to follow any PLA Navy ship acting as command.

Despite China's occupation, they have no legal claim as they are warning vessels of other nations to stay away. A UN tribunal ruling has call China's claim false and defies international law, and has attacked other vessels.

Since occupying the Paracels off the Vietnam coast, they have fortified and militarized it with harbors and helicopter pads. On Woody Island, they made aircraft facilities like hangars and airstrips, adding HQ-9 surface-to-air missile batteries, cited CSIS.

China lambasted by Southeast Asian leaders

Beijing flexes its military dominance by claiming sectors of the South China Sea that violates international law and a ruling against them in The Hague. China has a habit of pulling its weight when weaker nations avoid getting China's wrath, and more than willing to gouge smaller nations economically.

Last Sunday, a protest by leaders affected by China's encroachment with Vietnam's claim that China has illegally purloined parts of Vietnamese territory. A statement says that the 1982 UNCLOS is the determinant for designating the national rights and control with legal interests over parts of the sea, confirmed Japan Times.

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 No action was included in the issuance of the statement, though by giving this statement that is usually silent and would not mess with China. It can be seen that these nations are starting to speak up against them. 

The PLA Navy has been bullying other nations located on the other side of the Luzon Strait. The arrival of the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz in the Philippine Sea signaled the first dual-carrier exercises for some time since 2018.

These American supercarriers the USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan with Carrier Strike Groups (CSGS) trained over the weekend, display American naval prowess that is a warning to China. Added to that are FONOPs and more American naval ships that give a stern message to China to back off. More demonstrative is the charging in of US Navy destroyers close to the Yellow Sea.

According to Rear Adm. George Wikoff, of the Carrier Strike Group 5, who said the dual-carrier ops show that America will support its allies by bringing in massive combat strength to protect American interests. Another is to maintain regional stability against any nation or entity, that threatens it. Since the pandemic, China has built up new areas and has threatened an oil exploration ship, rammed a Vietnamese fishing vessel, and pointed its guns at Ph Frigate, mention in USNI.

China has been threatening Taiwan by sending planes several times recently, and two bombers as well.

The PLA Navy is not pleased and wants to show the world it can match the US Navy. The US carriers, for no, are keeping the PLA Navy holed up. 

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