The US recently sent three carrier strike groups (CSGs), the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz on the South China Sea. As a response, the Chinese government decided to make a show of force by having an undisclosed number of ships close to the Paracels for sea drills. They are warning the US warships to stay away from purloined Chinese territory.

Since the start of the three carrier exercises, the Chinese are shooting threats against the US Navy carrier strike groups.  The spring patrols by the Nimitz, Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan saw a reduced Chinese Navy activity. This always occur when the US Navy warships were close to China and present in the Philippine Sea.

China threatened with US Navy's activities

This particular exercise by the US Navy was timed for the fourth of July. Another is show the naval strike power of the US against the communist part of China, according to Reuters.

The US Navy has conducted the freedom of Navigation as China wants dominion in the South China Sea. The US is challenging China's claims by sending ships close to the yellow sea. Drills by the PLAN were criticized by Asian governments and supported by the US Navy, as it seeks to back up US Allies in the Indo-Pacific. Before the exercises, China sent warnings not to enter it.

China has been putting blame on the US as a troublemaker, when China has been active in bullying its neighbors and using the pandemic as cover for expansion. Another point of contention is trade in Hong Kong. According  to the US and its allies, the Chinese activities are not welcome, as mentioned in Firstpost.

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The official US Navy Statement

US Navy released an official statement saying that the two super carriers, the USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan, are conducting operations and exercises in the South China Sea to exploree a free and open Indo-Pacific. This is an obvious slant to the questionable activities of the PLAN in the SCS.

The PLAN is secretive in the whereabouts of its exercises in the South China Sea, with a distance of 1,500 km that is protested as illegal by other nations, according to National Post.

According to Wall Street Journal, Rear Admiral George M. Wikoff states that it is a sign of support for all allies of the US, including safe-guarding rights of the sea and stability between nations.

He added that the exercises were not a reaction to China and its exercises. The Pentagon mentioned the Chinese exercises as not appropriate and does not help in easing tension in the South China Sea.

Carrier exercises are usual for the US Navy in the Western Pacific and in the South China Sea. When China announced on July 1 there will be naval drills close to the Paracels, Philippines and Vietnam opposed the drills and said it will have negative effects in the region. In sending two carrier strike groups, it shows that only the US Navy can command such power.

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