On July 3, 2020, a website named Brown Valley Observer, published an article about Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex-girlfriend, and accomplice of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The article claimed that Ghislaine tested positive for COVID-19 after she was detained in a New Hampshire jail after she was arrested on charges of sex trafficking and exploitation and sexual assault of minors.

Is Maxwell COVID-19 positive?

The article from Brown Valley Observer stated that Ghislaine Maxwell has tested positive for the virus after she was swabbed while in New Hampshire jail and that it was allegedly reported by the DOJ.

An alleged official report from the United States Department of Justice shows that Jeffrey Epstein's accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell has tested positive for COVID-19 in a jail in New Hampshire and that Maxwell is now waiting for extradition to New York.

An alleged release from the DOJ stated that once Maxwell was in custody and began to settle in, the officials noticed that she was showing the symptoms related to COVID-19 including cough, mucus, and watery eyes.

Maxwell was immediately tested while she's in custody because the officials wanted to know if they need to isolate her and rush her to the hospital.

However, everything in the article is false. The article originated with a website that describes the output as being satirical. At the end of the article, it read that the entertainment website is created to satirize politics, popular faces, news events and ideas, and also to provide commentary on trends and social attitudes.

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Although familiar names of media figures, celebrities, organizations, and agencies are used, all of the news stories published on that entertainment site are fictional.

The article that they wrote about Ghislaine Maxwell has a similar claim, and it circulated on social media with a fake screenshot of a BBC article but BBC had not published such an article, proving that the screenshot was fabricated.

Why are satire articles written?

Satire is a literary device and a genre that is usually focused on politics. Writers of satire articles use humor, irony, and exaggeration in order to create a satire article.

Satire articles poke fun of a particular tradition, social custom, leader, or any other social figure or practice that they want to call into question and comment on.

As for Ghislaine Maxwell's situation, social media has been throwing around the idea that she may suddenly be announced dead, just like what happened to Jeffrey Epstein who allegedly hanged himself in his jail cell days before he was set to name the people who were involved in his child sex trafficking ring.

Ghislaine is also set to reveal the names of Epstein's clients, and famous people are being thrown around such as Naomi Campbell, President Donald Trump, Former President Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew of the UK, according to DailyMail.

Now the public is worried that the authorities who are connected to the powerful people on the list might do a cover-up in order to prevent the list from coming to light. And what better way to make up an excuse about Ghislaine's sudden passing but to link her to the current pandemic that is killing thousands of people worldwide.

However, the article is not true and she is still being held in a jail in New Hampshire. She is also ready to release the names of Epstein's clients.

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