The historical past of the south is under siege as protesters want the federal government to erase the largest historical Confederate monument in an Atlanta rock face in Stone Mountain. This is another possible victim of the recent destruction of historically American effigies by revisionist forces.  

This nine-story high relief sculpture is considered a vestige of slavery. Notwithstanding the history which the relief represents, the images of three confederate heroes on horseback. It is protected by state law that is frowned upon by protesters, reported Reuters. 

It will have an opening on Independence Day this weekend as the pandemic forced closure for weeks. Protesters want it removed since the death of George Floyd which spurred destruction statues.

The pretext of Floyd killing is used to willfully erase all reminders of racial inequality, which is not the dominant view. Others in the south believe it is an integral part relevant southern history, not a racist symbol, mentioned in the New York Times.

Gerald Griggs said that Atlanta is where the Civil Rights Movement started, and the largest Confederate monument in the world is in the same place. The NAACP civil rights group are imposing their view that the relief must be removed because it is offensive and they are saying they are on the right side of history.

The monument's sheer size makes it difficult to remove. Larger than a 100-yard football field, with Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Thomas Stonewall Jackson elevated 400 feet high.

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Its defenders, the Sons of Confederate Veterans are committed to defending the Stone Mountain monument, including other related confederate effigies and emblems. Teaching the Southern, their website has stated that removing them is destroying American history, cited Insider.

Southern states did not fight to keep their slaves but to keep the right separate from the Union. This is contrary to some viewpoints that stress the south was intent on keeping its slaves. During the Civil War, several blacks were held in high regard by white officers.

One of the Georgia Chapters officers, Martin O'Toole said the monument is not racist. He said that this is a hallmark of history, nothing more.

Maurice j. Hobson, of the African American Studies at Georgia State University, says that the Southern Cause is a lie, and slavery was part of the conflict. He even said Confederate leaders were traitors and were more concerned with keeping slaves for the southern economy.

The three people on the monument, Davis, Lee, and Jackson, were slave owners too. He called the Stone Mountain a reverence for White Georgians.

Another is that it is nexus for the Ku Klux Klan that is against black people. Some activities are held on the Fourth of July, which is dear to white supremacists, confirmed in KQED.

 The bas relief has its origins in 1958, the creation of the Stone Mountain Memorial Association in 1958 had bought the park. All the carving was finally completed in 1972.

According to Griggs and NAACP who said it will take $300,000 to $400,000 to erase the largest historical Confederate monument.

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