A man was left with an agonizing four-hour erection after being infected with coronavirus. According to The Sun, the 62-year-old patient suffered from a four-hour penile erection which left him agonizingly stiff after contracting the highly-communicable COVID-19.

The man was hospitalized in France for a case of severe COVID-19 that had an effect called priapism. This unexpected condition from a COVID-19 patient has baffled medical experts.

According to doctors, Priapism occurs when blood gets trapped in the male genitals, causing it to be stiffer for hours. But this can be a dangerous medical condition which may require to drain blood from a stiff male member. During draining, the doctors saw penile tissue full of blood clots.

In a study, there is a third of male COVID patients that have stiff male organs that stay hard for hours. Symptoms of clotting or thrombosis happens after contracting the virus.

This rare condition may disrupt the blood flow, which can aggravate the condition of patients who are having breathing problems caused by COVID-19.

Most blood clots could start cardiac arrest and strokes. Another concern is getting an overly stiff male member is not expected too, and doctors are still trying to find the link between this condition and COVID-19 infection.

Cases of men getting raging erections

In the case of the French patient getting a long-lasting erection, this was reported in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine. His doctors say that he's in intensive care with a ventilator in the Centre Hospitalier de Versailles in Le Chesnay near Paris for two weeks already, according to Daily Mail.

The patient told his doctor that he might have the coronavirus. He experienced the tell-tale symptoms, as well as the breathing difficulties

Before going to the hospital, he also suffered from diarrhea and was later hospitalized for two days. Later tests results eventually revealed that he was positive for coronavirus.

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One of the doctors told him that he will need a ventilator since the virus has already invaded his lungs, rendering them almost useless. Next step, a physical checkup was done. This is when doctors discovered that he's also experience priapism.

Before the procedure to fix the priapism, the patient was sedated but he can still experience pain . The doctors working on his stiffened male member knew it will not be easy.

The tissue of the chamber of the shaft, the corpora cavernosa, was very stiff, alhough the tip for of the penis was soft. An ice pack was placed on the stiff parts, but four hours later the stiffness is still there.

The doctors used needle to remove the blood clots in his genitals. According to doctors, coronavirus created thrombosis in the penile tissue.

Another conclusion is high blood flow is might be causing injuries, according to Financial PressIf anyone suffers from sickle-cell disease, leukemia, or malaria, the same condition can also be observed.

Doctors think in this case that the stiff penis was caused by the priapism which is triggered by COVID-19. The doctors wrote:

"Although the arguments supporting a causal link between Covid-19 and priapism are very strong in our case, reports of further cases would strengthen the evidence." After leaving the hospital, the patient says he has no more priapism.

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