One of the first features for internet connectivity in a smart home was light bulbs.

Now, numerous smart lighting products are in the market, making it convenient to control the lights through your mere voice or a smartphone, reported Forbes.

Our devices are getting smarter, with more "Internet of Things" products being made available. We can practically operate everything, including the light switch without getting off the couch, according to Popular Mechanics.

To smarten up your home, there are 2 essential things to buy first: a smart speaker with a smart assistant (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant) and a set of smart light bulbs, reported Business Insider.

Here are our recommendations:

1. Philips Hue light bulbs (Click the link to check the price)

Philips Hue light bulbs
(Photo: Amazon)

(Click the photo to check the price)

Philips is the most prominent smart light bulb manufacturer because not only are they very easy to set up, but they are also very consistent and easy to use.

The best thing quality about the light bulbs is their versatility.

Hue bulbs can be dimmed and can be controlled through the Hue app.

2. Sengled Element Classic A19 Kit (Click the link to check the price)

Sengled Smart light Bulb Starter Kit
(Photo: Amazon)

(Click the photo to check the price)

The Element Classic A19 Kit by Sengled is an inexpensive kit of  two bulbs, one hub, and an Ethernet cable.

The efficient bulbs are made to last until 25,000 hours. They can be connected to your Google Home and Amazon Echo devices with hands-free voice control.

You can readily schedule whenever you want your lights on, and you can schedule your mornings with its Wake-up Time feature.

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3. LIFX smart bulbs (Click the link to check the price)

LIFX smart bulbs
(Photo: Amazon)

(Click the photo to check the price)

LIFX smart bulbs instantaneously obey commands from your voice or a smartphone app.

Their design is also favorable as they have a vaguely futuristic appearance.

A direct Wi-Fi connection is incorporated into the hardware as there is no extra hub box necessary. A hub is not needed with its full smart home control.

4. Ring Solar Pathlight (Click the link to check the price)

Ring Solar Pathlight
(Photo: Amazon)

(Click the photo to check the price)

This pathlight fixtures illuminate your walk from the driveway to your door at night.

Because Ring is owned by Amazon, these pathlights are well-matched with the Alexa voice assistant, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

Ring's product works seamlessly with devices such as the Ring Alarm system and Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus.

5. C by GE Bluetooth smart bulbs

C by GE smart bulbs
(Photo: Amazon)

(Click the photo to check the price)

The C by GE Bluetooth smart bulbs cost much less than Wi-Fi bulbs. This is ideal if you are seeking a bulb that connects through Bluetooth.

The 2 smart bulbs, called C-Life and C-Sleep, are each designated for different uses. C-Life is only a white color for everyday use, while C-Sleep is for use in the bedroom and offers 3 varied settings: a cold light, to boost your energy in the morning, a normal white light, and a warm light to give you comfort in sleep.

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