Modern smart homes with Alexa digital assistant is a place where everything is accessed via the internet and devices that take advantage of it. All these Alexa accessories will simplify tasks with a command given to Alexa. Most of these Alexa accessories are used for purposes like security, and even for pets as well. Its versatility is boosted so tasks are complete by a simple command. Go over all these products to see if it is a fit for your household. Get what is best, according to your budget and needs.

1. YI Smart Dome Security Camera X

Have peace of mind when opting for this Alexa-enable camera, stay connected even when outside of the house. Inside the house, it alerts the occupant, by monitoring one or several locations. Seamless connectivity with Alexa includes a two-way audio feature. Why settle for expensive security cams when there is a cheaper solution?

Best reasons why this is the first and last choice is that it can tell humans and pets, and anything moving where it is installed. Keep connected to receive important alerts when the system contact the owner. It also detects sounds and gives warning of anything unusual. 

2. Smart Plug Gosund Smart Wifi Outlet Works with Alexa and Google Home

Why spend on expensive automated home systems, when this cost-effective option is cheaper and comes without complex installation. Remote home systems like this are simple, cheap, and easy to use.

Out of the box handsfree voice commands where you can use a smartphone to control it. Command several devices with one command to get it done. Schedule the app to go on or off, at any time you want, and it will do the rest. Everything is plug and play making it so easy to use for most individuals. Get a warranty for 90-days or a money back, with a 24-month warranty and lifetime support.

3. Govee WiFi Door Sensor, Smart Door Motion Sensor

Need home security that will not cost a fortune, get this Alexa accessory and get a cheaper alternative. This WIFI remote door sensor will be useful, whether in or out of the house to keep alert of intruders. When the sensor is tripped, an email is sent by Alexa to the designated mobile device.

Connected to Alexa, that arms or disarms the Alexa accessory with just the app to use and nothing more. Its battery can last more than a year, and can be replace when low already. Easy to install with no complex instructions to follow, get it done in a jiffy and upgrade with other options.

4. Furbo Dog Camera

Dog lovers will go gaga, over this Alexa accessory that can monitor one's fur baby when the fur parent is out of the house. It even gives treats to pooches when it sees them. This is fully compatible with Alexa allowing you to always know what is happening at home. When barking, the owner can talk to the yammering dog too.

This pet camera is HD and has night vision as a feature. You can get live streams when remote both day and night. Equipped with 2-way audio and barking alert so the owner can calm the pet down. Give treats anytime, even when at work and play with the pet. Get started with easy instructions, before using the doggy cam.

 5. ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Built-In Alexa

Older thermostats are not so efficient and will cost a lot more. But this Alexa accessory is smart and offers significant savings in heating and cooling expenses. It saves dollars and regulated the temperature in the house better with Alexa assistance. Get this with everything that comes out of the box.

Choose this package with sensors that set the right temperature with the smart thermostat. The installation comes with instructions making it a lot easier for you. Use any smartphone to remotely control the Alexa accessory before getting home.