A study discovered that COVID-19 might be connected to brain complications.However, this is just a hypothesis.

There are many studies done on the coronavirus that has turned out to be false.  As far as the study suggests, the link is based on a small sample of patients that may be inconclusive, reports USA Today.

It is a study that is focused on the side effects of the coronavirus on the brain that was published in "The Lancet"  this week.

In April, a study was conducted for three weeks involving about 153 patients in a UK hospital. Most of these patients are confirmed and might be cases of COVID-19, or with a new neurological or psychiatric diagnosis.

What the researchers discovered was that 125 patients in the study were examined via their medical records. Of the 125, 57 people had stroke via blood clot in the brain, 39 were mentally nebulous, and these were the conditions from the patients. Amongst the subjects, there were 10 that had lost touch with reality, 7 had encephalitis or inflammation of the brain. If all these conditions were then linked to COVID-19, the study is mum.

Categorizing the ages of all the patients, it ranges from 23 to 94 years old. Strokes were likely to happen to older patients, though altered mental states would be more common to age groups across the spectrum.

Dr. Benedict Michael, study lead, said in a press brief that a mental state is getting noticed by some clinicians in particular. There were many cases in which younger patients with altered mental states are many, cited in Knowledia.

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The study was justified despite the small number of patients involved in the study as valid. One reason is the 'supposed' mental effects that COVID-19, that Dr. Babak Jahromi, a neurosurgeon at Northwestern Medicine mentioned.

Jahromi added, that throughout the pandemic in which COVID-19 patients under hospital treatment may suffer ischemic strokes. This is what according to him adds neuropsychiatric disorders that were noticed in the study.

It is just one of the studies that connect to 300 published reports that is trying to prove definite connections between COVID-19 and purported mental conditions that it brings about, confirmed Detroit Free Press.

There are some evidence that coronavirus patients are reporting mental effects. Some autopsies have discovered brain inflammation with traces of the virus in brain tissue.

A link was considered in the US when severe COVID-19 with effects on the brain was considered possible in April. This was the time when strokes were common in younger patients.

In two weeks, the doctors at Mt. Sinai were alarmed at five-under 50 patients who suffered a stroke. That was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Robert Stevens of the Johns Hopkins Medicine center said that with widespread cases of the coronavirus, the link of COVID-19 and brain effects are just pure coincidence. In essence, he says the link is fictional, mentioned in the Reno Gazette Journal.

He added that the connection is likely not to exist when the conditions brought about by lockdowns and social distancing upset everything. People will go the deep end but not because of the link with COVID-19.

Dr. Stevens then added that it takes time to definitively prove the link between COVID-19 and brain complications.

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