Over the weekend, New York City has witnessed a blood bath. In 72 hours, there were 125 shootings reported. This violent crimes streak took the lives of more people recently.

People who died by getting shot has been increasing from the start of June. The trail of death and violence peaked from Friday to Sunday with a total of 28 people shot to death, as reported in the Daily Mail.

These are the statistics that were gathered by the NYPD that showed a 342% increase in shooting the week before. Compared to last year, it was just 12 only, but this time the figures are alarming.

Looking over the stats prepared by the NYPD, it is 414% up for those killed by guns from Monday to Sunday. Conversely, that is 74 for 2020, and just 14 the year before.

All of these violent crimes were committed from Friday to Sunday in a span of 72 hours. The crimes were reported in four out of five locations in NYC.

According to reports, on Friday, there were 5 people shot. On Saturday, the figure rose to 18 and on Sunday, there were two more cases. There were two fatalities reported in CBS New York.

The place in NYC that had more gun violence was the Bronx during the weekend. This is where 4 of the shootings happened, another 2 was in Queens and just one was reported in Manhattan.

One of the victims was a 35-year-old clothing designer and graffiti artist Kenneth Singleton. His murder was captured via video when he was shot so close at his neck while washing his car. His residence was at the East New York section of Brooklyn, and he died on Saturday. The police are perplexed and there's not suspect yet according to Brinkwire.

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The spike in gun killing was reported not only in New York but in other US cities as well. In Chicago, the death toll from shooting is 14 people, with five children dead and 100+ people shot from Saturday and Sunday.

A trail of violence and death included several more US cities and dozens of deaths. Michael LiPetri, Chief of Crime Control Strategies said that it was the same as June 1996. He related this to the New York Post last Monday.

Mayor Bill de Blasio called the occurrence very troubling in a Monday press brief. He added that in prior years, there was excessive violence in New York in the 1990s. At the height of the violence, crime was everywhere, but he stated these days will not come back.

One possible reason according to the NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea is the disbanding of the plainclothes unit, which took the illegal guns of the streets.

Because of the demand for police reform, the unit was disbanded after protestors wanted justice for George Floyd. Shea admitted that anti-crime units were also part of the number of shootings and complaints according to BBC.

The blood bath in NYC was expected, with 125 shooting and the storm is here now. People should have listened.

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