Amid a night shift change in a Walmart distribution center in Northern California last Saturday, an SUV crashed into the store with a gunman aboard. The man then started to fire his assault riffles upon the workers in an attack that took two lives and wounded four.

According to reports, two police officers from Red Bluff responded to the scene and opened fire on the perpetrator. The authorities also noted that the suspect also fired shots at them.

Several hours past the incident, it was announced by the sheriff's office of Tehama County that the shooter died in the hospital.

According to The Sacramento Bee, Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston stated during a news conference just outside the crime scene that the suspect's motive for the attack is still undetermined. Moreso, he stated that the 31-year-old shooter has a history with the distributions center located about 120 miles north of Sacramento and lies just around Red Bluff's outskirts.

In addition, Johnston also said that they are still trying to determine the nature of the attack despite the fact that the suspect has a prior history to the store as a previous employee. He also noted that they still cannot piece the real motive together as the history of the man to the store is not recent.

Meanwhile, the man who was killed during the attack has been identified by the authorities as 45-year-old Martin Haro-Lozano of Orlando. However, authorities are still unable to find out if he has any prior relationship with the gunman.

On the other hand, the four workers who have been injured during the attack are currently admitted to St. Elizabeth Community Hospital. According to several witnesses, one of those who were wounded was a woman who tried to leave the building and was shot.

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In addition, New York Times reported that at least six people were taken to the hospital for care after the incident. One of them was a man who was hit by the suspect's vehicle as he rammed it into the store. Meanwhile, despite only four having been wounded, others who were brought to the hospital only sought treatment for being traumatized by the event.

According to reports, two officers and one sergeant of Red Bluff police responded to the scene and exchanged fires with the suspect.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Walmart stated to the media that the whole company is grieving and deeply saddened by the attack which led to the death of two people.

In the statement, Walmart said that their main focus after an incident like this is on giving support to their associates, co-workers, and the families of victims. It also noted that the company will continue to work with Tehama County Sheriff's Office in the investigation and are willing to assist the department in any possible way.

Investigators on the other hand noted that the attack is not in any way related to a shooting that happened just a few hours before the incident where three people died, just 30 miles away from the attack.

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