The police were called to the Park Inn Hotel on West George Street after reports of a stabbing incident. The police arrived at the crime scene within two minutes.

According to the police officers in Glasgow, Scotland, the suspect Badreddin Abadlla Adam, died after an officer shot him.

Adam was from Sudan and he was 28-years-old. Steven Johnson, the Assistant Chief Constable, said that the incident is not classified as terrorism. The police are still investigating the events that led to the stabbing.

On June 27, the police issued a request to gain access to the surveillance camera that captured the incident, the footage can be submitted through the Police Scotland portal. The authorities have named the investigation Operation Strathenberg.

The Park Inn Hotel has a total of 91 bedrooms and is reported to be housing 100 people due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The victims

Constable David Whyte, a 42-year-old police officer, is one of the victims of the stabbing incident. According to the police, he is now in a stable condition and he is currently recovering in the hospital.

The Scottish Police Federation assured the public that they are taking care of Whyte's family while he is hospitalized. There were five other men who were victims of the incident. The authorities refused to give out their names but released their ages. The victims are 17, 18, 20, 38, and 53 years of age.

Three of the victims were housed in the hotel while the other two were hotel staff. The report from eyewitnesses

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One witness named Craig Milroy said that he was working nearby and he saw a badly injured man lying on the steps outside the hotel. He told the BBC News that the man had no T-shirt and no shoes and he was lying on the ground with a stab wound while someone was compressing the wound.

Another witness, Chris Falchi-Stead, was hosting a meeting at the Big Issue office that is close to the hotel where the stabbing took place. He said that when they looked out the window, they noticed that there were 20 or 30 police cars and 10 ambulances.

Stuart Gibson, who lives near the hotel, told the BBC News that armed police rushed into the hotel, and moments later, one person was carried out by the police.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that her thoughts were with everyone who was caught up in the terrible incident. She also thanked all of the police officers who were quick to get into the scene and how their decisive actions contained the incident, and she thanked all of the emergency services who responded.

According to Sturgeon, talked to Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the incident and that the Prime Minister expressed his sympathies for the victims and his concern over the stabbing incident. Boris Johnson took his sentiments to Twitter and wrote that he was deeply saddened by the terrible incident.

Scottish Police Federation chairman, David Hamilton, said the incident was what police officers dreaded everything they go into a scene.

Hamilton added that it is clear that the circumstances that the officers have been met with were horrific and that the officers were brave to continue on the mission and deal with the aftermath.

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