All the recent trouble with South Korea like ramping tensions at the border is to reportedly distract United States President Donald Trump to enter the negotiation table.

Recently, Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, raised tensions after condemning the border leaflets, and with the demolition of the liaison office at the Kaesong border with North Korea.

Aside from raising tensions and showing South Korea their stance, the North regime also have another purpose. The end game of North Korea is having the sanctions lifted by the US that have been in place for some time, according to Reuters.

Dictator's sister shows aggression

Last week, Kim Yo Jong carried out a threat that started with anti-Kim Jong-Un leaflets. These were flown via balloons over the border and she wanted the activity to stop, or there will repercussions like military action.

Without any compliance from the South Korean government, the North Korean military placed charges and blew up the building, and soon after Kim Yo Jong stopped negotiations.

The South Korean side did express regret and was trying to cajole the North Koreans, who ignored it and closed avenues of communication.

Three summits were held between North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un whose main goal was to discuss nuclear talks with US President Donald Trump.

Talks between them went nowhere and no deal was made. Later, the coronavirus pandemic, then the George Floyd protest, and now the November US elections made North Korea a non-priority for now, as reported in the National Post.

In Pyongyang, Kim Jong Un is beset by the failure of the talks, one is the slumping economy because of sanctions with locked out border courtesy of COVID-19 to keep the outbreak at bay.

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Kim Jong-Un trying to get Trump's attention?

The North Korean dictator is concerned because all these factors affect his bases like the elites and the military establishment too. Most analysts agree that by venting ire on South Korea, a staunch US ally in the Korean peninsula should make Trump remember all the issues that should be resolved with Pyongyang, and intervention is the only option for the US.

Chang Ho-jin, former South Korean presidential foreign policy secretary, stressed that President Trump's attention is needed to defuse tension with the two Koreas. Most important is to stave off military confrontations, which is hinted by Kim as he has implied it, according to the British Herald.

More tension between North and South Korea is geared by the north so that South Korea will be the vehicle in removing sanctions that will generate money through projects. Pyongyang needs capital and resources.

According to diplomatic sources, Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun has done negotiations with North Koreato reach a resolution before presidential elections, as reported by Head Topics.

One source said the wasting time and not finishing the deal with North Korea is important before Washington is tied up with the elections full time.

To get a US deal and also gains negotiations, more offerings in Pyongyang's proposal for de-nuclearisation are needed. The US wants a hefty deal so it goes back to the nuclear table, according to Reuters.

One condition to remove economic sanctions is to halt all North Korean programs and that will bring the US back to negotiations. For now, everything is fluid with Kim Jong Un, who needs to get a deal by increasing tension with the South. Another is dealing with Trump, not Biden, who will make it harder for Pyongyang.

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