Reports of grisly remains belonging to a missing Oregon woman has been found after she went missing, on a hike with her boyfriend.

According to authorities, the human remains belong to an Oregon woman who was reported missing a year ago when she was hiking with her boyfriend, reported Oxygen.

Discovery of the gruesome remains was by accident when a resident in the unincorporated North Plains was clearing brush last Saturday.

In a statement by the medical examiner's office, it was positively identified that the remains belong to Allyson Watterson, aged-20. She was last seen in December 2019, as stated in a statement released by the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

When asked for comment, Deputy Shannon Wilde has this to say to local station KATU. He said when the remains and the intel got at the scene, investigators think it is her. He added that the coroner will verify their assumptions. But they stressed that Allyson's kin should be informed.

Her alleged killer

Allyson was missing earlier than Christmas. witnesses saw her on the 22nd of December 2019 with Benjamin Garland, related KPTV. With the couple sighted by several witnesses, how they got to the North Plains was not known, and is still a mystery.

According to Garland's father, he knew that Benjamin and Allyson were on the hike together. That's when he later claimed that his girlfriend was not to be found. He let 30 hours go by before reporting her missing, reported The Oregonian.

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Misty Watterson, Allyson's mom shared that her daughter went missing at North Plains when the car conked out. Another bit of info was, Allyson and Benjamin were at the location to visit a friend.

The sheriff's office did not confirm if Allyson's death is foul play or not.

One of the Deputies, Tony Morris reported to KATU that the remains were found in a thick brush, which is hard to get to.

The deputy added that it will not be easy to bring a dead body into the thick brush. Plus, where the couple went, the victim's corpse is almost well hidden.  It will take effort on anyone's intent to hide a corpse in the North plains location.

Wilde told local press that some help from the county Department of Land Use and Transportation was needed to clear the area. With the area cleared, all investigators were able to work on the crime scene.

He added that the work crew needed to trim such thick brush. Describing the area had brush as big as, or as huge as a house. 

Coincidentally before the discovery of the grisly remains, Misty Watterson made a post that expressed her anguish about Allyson's disappearance.

Her Facebook post said that when her daughter went missing is the worst a mother can take. Adding personal feelings about the killer, saying that she'll keep on searching.

Last Saturday, the remains were found and her family asked for privacy as they grieve.

One of Allyson's kin, Billy Macy told KPTV that they grieve her unexpected death. Also saying thank you for the support given to them, but expressed that they do not know what follows next.

On the other hand, the victim's boyfriend, Garland is in jail for another crime.

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