Taking a dog for a walk gets fatal for a woman after getting shot over the dog pooping on a man's law. According to reports, the woman and her partner was walking their dog when it stopped on a lawn to defecate. However, the homeowner wasn't pleased by such action.

This incident leads to the most unlikely shooting merely because of dog poop as wel, Crazy America reports.

Death over poop and the silliest things.

According to reports, before the fatal shooting by a Denver man, it was noted that the couple argued of the poop their dog left, right outside his apartment.

Michael R. Close, aged 36, is charged with murder and some other charges.

Last June 10, the shooting occurred in Denver's Ballpark, because the homeowner was triggered when the dog pooped on his lawn.

Both of the victims were Isabella Thallas, age 21, and Darian Simon, aged 26. Close got angry when he heard one of them give the command for their dog to poop, said the Denver District Attorney Beth McCann, as stated in Denver DA.

Thalas was shot and was killed on the spot after Close's over-reaction about the dog pooping on the front area of his house.

Thallas was subjected to an autopsy that determined a gunshot caused her death. It was then ruled as homicide by the local coroner as well.

Her partner, Darian Simon, was luckier because he was hit in the leg and butt. He was brought to the hospital where he was recuperating from the wounds.

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The official police statement

In the official police report, the suspect Close was angry at Simon who commanded the dog to poop while he was walking the dog with his girlfriend Thallas. 

Police mentioned that Close was too frustrated which moved him to shoot Thallas and Simon at a distance from his apartment. But, despite the death of Thallas, and Simon only acquired injuries the dog remain unhurt in the incident, confirmed Oxygen.

By the time, police did file charges against Close, he was given two instances of first-degree murder, which includes assault in the first degree, and owning an illegal magazine that has many rounds when the crime was committed. High capacity magazines are not allowed to be in possession.

KUSA confirmed that Close was not convicted of any crime in Colorado. He was caught and brought to custody when believed to be on his way to nearby mountain areas, confirmed in 9News.

Later in Denver, there was a memorial service on Wednesday for the victim Thallas. On the spot that she died, a hundred-people held a vigil and left flowers as a remembrance. Relatives of the slain woman are hoping the place will be transformed into a dog park.

Her father said that his heart was broken with Thallas' death, and said he was suffering from utmost regret.

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