After an thorough investigation, the suspect of the recent murder of the two sisters with bags on their head whose bodies were dumped off a bridge was finally arrested.

The double murder in Rome, Georgia that woke up the county early in the morning to the discovery of two hooded corpses is now solved.

Suspected for the murder of the two sisters was a Georgia man who was nabbed as the suspect.

He was placed under police custody last Tuesday when reasonable doubt of his guilt in connection with the investigation.

The suspect

A news report from Georgia confirmed the arrest of the suspect, Desmond Lavonte Brown, aged 28. He was charged for obstruction that is linked to the murders of Vanita Richardson, 19, and Truvenia Campbell, 30. Brown incarcerated at the Callier Forest Apartments, located in Dodd Boulevard, Rome.

The police encountered the suspect at 2 p.m. last Monday. The police told Brown to stay a distance from the car. This was done to get a search warrant to allow them to look for evidence of the double murder.

The police noticed that the suspect was intent on getting an item, he went inside the car and did not follow the orders of the authorities. Brown was very insistent on getting an item.

One official from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), identified as Nelly Miles did not add anything related to the homicide, with the case 'very active' too.

The case of the hooded sisters  

The location where the dead and hooded sisters were discovered by accident is right under the East Rome Bypass bridge, located south of Grizzard park.

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On May 12, the bodies of the women would have been unnoticed, had it not been for city workers who chanced upon their corpses under the bridge. Three workers from the GDOT, made the gruesome find.

The hooded corpses were brought in for examination and identification in the office of Floyd County Chief Deputy Coroner Connie Chandler. She positively identified both women as Vanita Richardson andTruvenia Campbell.

Part of the report said that both slain sisters were wearing hoods and with suspicious shotgun shells near their corpses. The police were still trying to find out, why the shotgun shell was there, it was not explained.

Helping the local authorities was the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), which made the statement about a missing vehicle, that was missing a day earlier, and happens to be owned by Vanita.

 A search was initiated to look for the car in the Atlanta locality. It seems that finding the car will reveal more about the case. The vehicle in question is a 1997 Toyota according to the GBI on the case. Clues and leads during case have yielded some new information.

 A report said that Vanita Richardson and Truvenia Campbell were spotted in the car on a Tuesday night, last May 12, 2020.

For now, that is what authorities have on the two sisters with bags on their heads and were dropped off a bridge.

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