An email that is allegedly recruiting people into becoming part of the "Trump Army" has been going around. One image showed the email asking for donations in exchange for a "Limited Edition Camo Keep America Great Hat." The email also states that the army is to mobilize as President Donald Trump's first line of defense against the liberal mob.

The email spread around and was circulated through social media. It claimed to be part of Trump's re-election campaign and urged people to join their cause.

Real or fake?

According to Snopes, the email is real and is a genuine part of Trump's campaign. An original image was posted on Twitter by a senior political reporter, Aaron Blake that works for the Washington Post.

Blake sent a copy of the original email to Snopes so they can verify its legitimacy, where it experts found it to have come from an email that was connected to Trump's re-election bid.

The email included a link to a WinRed page, a fundraising platform that the Trump campaign, and the Republican National Committee support. The platform contained a similar statement telling people that they are eligible to receive a "Camo Keep America Great" hat if they joined the Trump Army.

The fundraising platform noted that all the donations made will support the "Trump Make America Great Again Committee," which is a part of the campaign as one of its fundraising committees.

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Margaret Huang, the SPLC Action Fund President, and the chief executive officer called the move "appalling" as it tries to exploit the crisis that the nation is currently facing to divide the American nation, as reported by SPLCenter.

Huang also noted that Trump's campaign not only takes advantage of the situation by using people's fears and anxiety, as well as methods that pit citizens against each other and to conduct violence to the very people that Trump promised to protect.

"The SPLC Action Fund calls upon all elected officials to condemn this campaign email," said Huang. She added that they should encourage everyone to defend their constitutional rights regardless of their political viewpoints.

Unify, not divide

Huang noted that Black people had endured centuries of abuse and brutality, that millions of Americans have lost their jobs due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy, and victims of the virus infection are battling for their lives. She demanded Trump to do his job as president properly by unifying the American nation.

The MediaPost reports that the email continued to note that it was only sent to individuals that they deemed part of their cause and not to share it with anyone else.

The Trump campaign put out a release on March 2, announcing the initial launch of the "Army for Trump," a website that is dedicated to encouraging Americans across the nation to mobilize and join others who are committed to supporting the re-election of Trump.

The website offers a one-stop method of getting involved with Trump's re-election campaign to anyone who wants to become a supporter of the president.

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