Colin Powell, the former Secretary of State, announced his support for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. President Donald Trump's responses to the nationwide protests have caused Powell, along with a growing number of Republicans and military leaders to speak out their criticisms of the US president.

Under the administration of former President George Bush, Powell led the US military in the 1991 Gulf War in Iraq. He was later transferred to head the State Department and has said that Trump frequently lies and has strayed away from the US Constitution, becoming a danger to the American democracy, as reported by Reuters.

Changing sides

"I cannot in any way support President Trump this year," noted Powell, who showed his support for the Republican president in the 2016 elections. The decision and comment were replied by Trump as Powell being a "real stiff," as he posted on Twitter.

General Jim Mattis, Trump's former defense secretary, criticized the president's apparently deliberate efforts to divide the American nation. Michael Mullen and Martin Dempsey, the former chiefs of staff, have also shared their criticisms of the US president's response to the demonstrations.

According to The Guardian, Lisa Murkowski, a US senator, revealed that she had doubts about supporting Trump in the November elections and had praised Mattis's powerful words, along with Mitt Romney.

As his response to Powell's decision, Trump's tweet wrote that he called the former secretary of state weak and gave away everything to everyone.

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In 2013, Powell addressed the United Nations and placed accusations on Iraq stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. He has since called his statement as a "blot" on his record and that it "will always be a part of my record."

Trump's immediate response to Powell's changing sides suggests that he has already realized that he will not benefit from the support of some Republicans. Fox News reports that several other Republicans such as Romney and Bush will not support Trump in the coming elections as well.

Powerful support

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh stated that President Trump has immense support from within the Republican party but also noted that "the adoration of the liberal Beltway media is alluring and powerfully attractive to some DC insiders."

President Trump has had a firm grip on the Republican party. Several former critics, such as Senator Lindsay Graham, have shown their apparent and robust support for the US leader.

Powell also said that he was deeply troubled by the method that Trump utilized to insult and criticize everyone. He noted that he insulted Gold Star mothers, McCain, as well as immigrants, which struck personally for Powell as he is the son of an immigrant or anyone that would try to go against him.

Former Republican and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford said that he has not voted for Trump previously and that he will not start doing so now. He noted, however, that the matter with Trump is a different affair to supporting Biden.

Sanford noted that the growing number of Republicans who are choosing to oppose Trump might invite more Republicans to go their way. "When these dominoes start to fall, they can fall a lot faster than people think," he added.

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